September 20, 2007

What's Up With Me

I thought I was doing much better with it being toward the end of the week but Carter hopped off the bus today and I realize he had his shorts on backwards. What mother lets her child go to school with their SHORTS on backwards? We get inside and I see that Gray has hummus on his shoes. At least I get a knitting night tonight. For now I'm going to finish some laundry with my tunes on shuffle... oh iPod, you always know the right thing to play.


  1. hey steph i changed a few colors while travis dressed caleb and washed his hands, were heading out so ill finish 2nite :-) i commented because it was quicker than logging back into my email hahahah

  2. Oh Steph, how you make me laugh! Don't worry, sometimes Hubz realizes halfway throug his workday that his boxers are on backwards from dressing in the dark so to not wake me. Its not just you, sweets! ;)

  3. What sort of mother? A mother like me? The Boy has his pants on backwards at LEAST once a week.

  4. At least he HAD shorts on! LOL!

  5. The same thing happened with Ben last week. I just hoped that his shirt was long enough that no one noticed. In my defence 1)Ben dresses himself nad 2) The tag on the school uniform shorts is in the FRONT!

  6. my dog has yellow sharpie marker all between his eyes right now and I'm not sure how it got there...better go look for that marker now...I feel your pain!

  7. "What mother lets her child go to school with their SHORTS on backwards?"
    I have a 12 year old
    who I reckon should know whats he doing by now :)

  8. shorts, shirts, shoes on the wrong feet, no socks, shirts inside out and backwards, all day, Brownie skort on backwards, you name it we have done it, and sooooooo not on purpose!! The worst is when we find out Mitch went to school without underwear, he hates them (I didn't mean to go commando)!!!

  9. Ok, wanna hear something funny....

    Matt came home today and started talking about going to the bathroom at school to them find out he never took his PJ short bottoms off. Instead he put his short on right over them!

    Also, Matt is notorious about not zipping his zipper!!


  10. Hummus on the shoe. heeeheeeeee.....girl, that could happen to any of us. I'm lucky I manage to put on two matching shoes most mornings!

    And don't you love Ipod therapy???


    It's a beautiful thing.

    It's like Calgon of this day and age.

  11. My boys regularly have two shoes on that are not a matching pair. I notice it like HOURS later and think "Eh. Why bother mentioning it?"


  12. ah the old hummus on the shoe trick? You won't believe where I found a pickle today.

    iPod on shuffle = heaven on earth

  13. Man, I must be missing out not shuffling my ipod, I will be trying that out today!

    At least it was hummus and not gum!

  14. What kind of mother are you? The mother of three small children! Just be glad they were all fully clothed and that hummus was the worst thing on the shoes. :-)

  15. Are you sure he didn't take them off at school when he went to the bathroom and just put them on backwards? That's our Carter...always making us laugh...

  16. We have all been there done that in some way.
    Look at it like this, he didn't have on blue jeans which everyone would have noticed the zipper and pockets in the wrong place.
    It was such a Carter thing, ya know? A story he can tell so he can get laughs.


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