September 2, 2007

So I Think You Will Laugh At This Fake Commercial

My boys looooove this.

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  1. that is so cute! My cats would do that if they ever lost every single little mousie toy they have, which i believe is physically impossible since they have almost as many toys as jonah. come to think of it, i better so a recon mission underthe couches in the living room, because i am pretty sure there are some mousies under there.

    random thought...what do i do when jonah starts crawling? will he try to play with the cat toys? uh oh. lol


  2. I loved this...there for a minute I thought the dog was going to jump over the rail and get ran over...duh! Great way to start my morning...

  3. I thought the same thing, Mimi! Cute "commercial"...creative people. Loved that huggable doggie.

  4. aw so cute. we had a dog like that when i was in high school, she just died last year. ::sniff sniff::


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