September 18, 2007

Please Please Please Watch Oprah Today

I am in the middle of watching the show today and just had to plead for everyone to watch this episode. Record it later today if you've missed the morning airing.

Jenny McCarthy's story about her son early on hits closer to home than you'll ever know, unless you've had a child with epilepsy or autism. It was hard to watch at first, but then at the same time I was jumping up and yelling "Yay!!" inside. To have stories like this be told... it's so important.

I'll be back to share more as I finish the rest of the show.


  1. Tivo'ing it for sleepy time. I'm really excited to watch this!

  2. I didn't see this post in time. She has a son with Autism?

  3. Yes- not sure if you can record Oprah later tonight (usually airs in the afternoon again and late night here.) Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete were on- both have sons with autism.


  4. I didnt realize it was for today...I thought it was Monday's show for some reason. Thanks Steph!

  5. I am SOOO ready for the CDC and/or Pediatricians to stop shoving immunizations down our throats. We had all the shots our kids have, but they were over a 5 year or more period of time. There poor little bodies do not need ALL that in their bodies at such young ages. When will this change?? I watched today too and pray that the Moms will feel empowered and stand up for their gut feels! It was a GREAT show! I am so glad those two ladies shared their stories and with such class.

    I literally had a panic attack when I took my son in for EVERY immunization shot. I had questions when I brought my daughter but with my son, I was almost a wreck. I was so confused and afraid of making the wrong decision that I prayed before, on the way, and during every shot he received. My gut told me I should demand the shots more spread out but I was scared to speak up. I delayed every shot on purpose with my son. He got them all, but not in the time frame they wanted him to have them. In the future, when we have another - I will follow my gut and not let the doctors bully me into thinking I am another crazy mom, who doesn't know what they are talking about! Sorry for rambling but I feel so strongly about this and want to see changes made soon!


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