September 20, 2007


Drea is making me fall fancy here again. You might notice a new look here and there! She's such a great blogging friend, designer, & reviewer over at her new site DE Reviews with her gal pal Elizabeth! Check them out!


  1. Love it -- esp the new photos above!!


  2. Loving the new look - I'll e-mail you later tonight, it's been a busy day..

  3. Oh it's so cute! But I can't remember what the last one was like. Was it your boys close ups??? I'm so weird, when people change their design, I always want to remember the old one.

  4. I love the new header!!! She really IS talented isn't she? I love Noah and Carters faces, and you and Gray are so sweet! Great new fall look!

  5. oh I love it! That pic of Noah is so sweet with the little flower. :)

    (yeah...wide awake am I...)


  6. OK I noticed your fall header right away. But what really stuck out to me is you are wearing a strapless top. How can you do that when you've breastfed three babies?? Great strapless bra I guess. :)


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