September 21, 2007

Babywearing Tip of the Week: It's So Beautiful!

There is something about seeing a mom (or dad!) wear their baby that is just beautiful. I am excited to share with you some beautiful babywearing photos submitted by my readers.

Farrah from Baby Loves Slings sent in these two precious photos, her current favorites. She is a work-at-home mom that makes ring slings so she can stay at home with her son.

Andrea over at Sgt And Mrs. Hub is one hot babywearing Mama.
Check out these cute cute pics of her wearing her son Judah!!

Andrea at The Laughs Will Go On shares a darling photo of her snuggling & wrapping her little man Tate. What a beautiful smiling Mama!

Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess gets the whole family into babywearing- here's photos of Amy wearing her son Julian
& hubby Jody wearing their daughter Ava! Amy also owns the fun babywearing advocacy shop Attached To The Hip!

Everybody loves Nell from Casual Friday Everyday and I just love her babywearing pics wearing her little guy on the front & back in the Podonbutai! Don't they look beautiful & happy?!

Lori from Communi Kate is wearing her daughter Kate in this sweet photo at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, TX.

And what's my favorite babywearing pic? I have so many! Here's a more recent one of Gray napping in the mei tai at t he park. Kissing his snuggly head when he's like that... there's nothing like it! I love the latest ones Ashlee took of Gray and me modeling her Nest slings. I also adore our happy pics modeling the Podonbutai for Jenn at All Natural Mommies!

Keep your babywearing pics coming! Email me ( and maybe you'll see them here!

The Sling Station is holding a Beauty Of Babywearing photo contest that you just might want to check out. You could win a $100 gift certificate to The Sling Station or!

Also today is the last day to enter the Protect-A-Bed giveaway! You could win sheet protectors for all your kids!


  1. Oh how sweet! I remember when every family photo for four year looked like I had a broken arm because I was wearing Bunnie's baby sling. Oh how I miss the sweet smell of fuzzy baby head!

  2. All the pics are beautiful! I am so excited to babywear again with this new little man. Ella has entirely too much energy to want to be trapped on me and I am getting far too pregnant with some issues to lift and carry her anyway.

    I bought two wraps- a Storch and a Didy because I am *determined* to figure out wrapping this go around and I figured if I invested that heavily then I would find a way to use them! Ella is breaking them in for me by wrapping herself up in them and using them as tent makers. :-)

  3. Beautiful photos! Thanks for mentioning the photo contest!

  4. What sweet pictures! I'm looking forward to wearing baby #2.

  5. What a fun post, Steph. I love all the pictures. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


    I adore the picture of Gray sleeping on you.

  6. What perfect photos!! Awesome really.

    I am just awaiting on that swanky new sling that I won and will most definitely send you a picture of my daughter being the diva she is.

    I am working on a post about babywearing and two comments that I received the other day. I am hoping to have it finished within the next day or so. I will be sure to send you a link for I just know that you will have a comment to provide in rebuttal to the original comments that I received.

  7. love to see all these happy worn babies! :)
    thanks so much for including us.


  8. Great photos!! That's awesome that you posted them.

    I wish we had taken more babywearing photos when ours were small.

  9. Look at the beautiful babywearers! And I LOVE the new banner, Steph! Drea is so talented.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  10. cute! you all look like kangaroo's!!

    awww, i miss those babywearing days. it's been 'round some 2.5 years since i last "babywore."

    cute ! ! !

  11. What great pics of all of these mamas! And that last one of you and Gray is absolutely beautiful. Both of you!

    Can't wait to wear this new baby. And kiss his or her little head!

  12. Hi Steph! It's been forever since I've commented here - but I had a question and I knew you were the person to ask! My little guy is almost 16 months, and while I have an ERGO that I LOVE and adore, sometimes I want something that will put him a little closer to me. Meaning, it's great to be able to strap him on my back while I vacuum, but sometime I want to be able to see his face and be able to talk to him like if we're at the store, or out and about, etc. So - what would your recommendation be? He currently weighs about 21 pounds. I guess I'm looking for something where he could be worn on the hip (I guess?). Thanks!! -Tiffany

  13. Love the picture of you and Gray.
    Great look up at the top, the pictures of the boys fit them so well.

  14. Babywearing photos ARE beautiful! Almost all of our very-new-baby pictures have them tucked snugly into their slings...

  15. I love babywearing it's so beautiful!!!!

  16. Thanks for including us. I love seeing all the babywearing mamas out there. It is such a special gift we give our children and they give us when we are able to cuddle them close. So sweet!!

  17. Also to Tiffany (tas)~ I wear my 18month old (29lb.)son on my hip with a ring sling and it works really well. I have also used the Ergo for hip carries. There are videos on YouTube to walk you through the Ergo hip carry. Hope that is helpful... You can email me directly if you have other questions (my e-mail is on my profile...)

  18. Steph - thanks so much for the quick response! When I was first pregnant, I'll admit to buying a cheap off-the-shelf NoJo sling at Babies R' Us and a dirt cheap soft structure. I've progressed a ways...I had a Moby when Gibson was little, then moved up to the ERGO. I've been eyeing the nicer slings lately that are beautiful as well as functional, so maybe I'll head that direction. Thanks for the links - you are becoming quite the babywearing model! =)

    Farrah - thanks for the tip about YouTube videos for the Ergo - I completely forgot that you can use the Ergo for hip carries. We're heading to NC in October to see the leaves (here in sunny Florida we get nothing) so I'm hoping to have something figured out by then for all of our sightseeing! -Tiffany

  19. They are sooo cute!!! I love all the wonderful pictures!


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