August 21, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there was lots and lots of water at my vacation destination. We've had so much rain lately- causing a flood in the finished part of our basement a few nights now (Carter thought it was blood in the basement and was so disappointed to see that it was just water.)

Yesterday I could be seen outside at 2:30 in the morning barefoot and emptying our basement window wells by the bucket. I scooped up a couple little toads, too. By the time hubby and I had everything under control, it was 4 AM and we were wide awake. So, we watched Soul Man and I did some knitting. At four in the morning. Soul Man. Yes, I think we were on the verge of craziness.

I never did go back to bed. Gray woke up right as I was feeling like I needed to crash. Then Noah & Carter were up soon after. And I didn't even have a Starbucks or anything to keep me going- not sure how us Moms do it, but we must run on Mother Power or something. Mine really kicked in and I made it through the day!

Also yesterday, Carter broke the lens on my kinda new camera and this had me quite upset because school starts tomorrow! This Mama needs her camera! So I trekked up to Best Buy to see what they could do for me.

They could send it off to be serviced but it might take a week or two. I let them know my disappointment about school starting and they're my babies and they must have photographs. The guy had mercy on me and said I could pick a new camera. And since they no longer carried my camera model anymore, I got an upgrade. And it was an even exchange! And I must say that I think Best Buy has the best customer service. Love the Geek Squad, too! There will be First Day Of School pictures after all!

Of course, my sleep schedule is way off and I am blogging at 4:30 in the morning again. My Mother Power is saying Starbucks is definitely necessary today...


  1. Wow! That's awesome that you ended up with a new upgraded camera. I couldn't imagine a big day without a camera either - i'd lose it ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! You need a Starbucks and a nap!

  3. yeah that "mother power" is some awesome stuff. if they could just bottle that stuff, we'd make meeeellions!!!!!! haha!

  4. Hi. Ok, so I've seen your comments at various blogs I read and finally decided to pop on over.

    Flooded basement, ugh! Sorry to hear that. But hey, the camera exchange is awesome! Yes you must have pictures of the first day of school.

    Even our Mother Powers needs help, go to Starbucks, go...

  5. Glad you have a camera for tomorrow. I can't believe it school time already.
    What is with this rain here? We are all going to need boats soon if it keeps up.

  6. I am SOOOO tired of all the rain. Maybe we should start building an Ark since it isn't going to stop anytime soon.

    Take pictures while you can. Monte is too "old" for me to follow him around with a camera.

  7. Okay, now you are realllly lucky about that upgrade!

    When my son busted our camera nothing was done expect "you can send it in to the manufac. and see what they'll do, but I can tell you they probably won't do anything."

    So, we ended up buying a new one. We were about to have a Baby, and gosh darnit I was going to have pictures taken!

    Sorry to hear about your flooding. That really is no fun at all. Even though we have Mother Power it still isnt fun to use it. lol

    Get some sleep soon :)


  8. Nutso. Crazy. Tired. Never dull.

    Just some words that popped into my mind.....


  9. I hope that your basement is water-free soon!

    Try to get some rest!

    Jane, P & B Girls

  10. oh no...a flooded basement. That's horrible. Especially on your special vacation destination ( :p, you are funny!). Do you have a lot of damage? I surely hope not

    The camera thing went well though. Woohoo for the upgrade. We'll be waiting for the first day of school pictures to be posted here on your blog!

  11. How cool that you got a new camera. Lucky girl..again. :)

    We have had to do the same with our basement. Yuck. NOT fun.


  12. Rebecca - jrvittori@sbcglobal.netAugust 21, 2007 9:20 AM

    I follow your blog and I have to laugh because, it's all very familiar! I live in CP and also have 3 boys. I too, am WAY past exhausted! I don't have a blog, but should. I just can't figure out how to get it all dolled up. Anyway, hang in there and get some java!

  13. Those are the days I LOVE the DVD player!! I've been caught napping a time or two during some of the boys favorite movies!

  14. That was so nice of them to do that. Our experiences with Best Buy have not been that great. But, glad you will have a camera tomorrow!

    School doesn't start here until next Monday. I'm dreading having to get up earlier and have it all together. I'm not a morning person!

    We had our Basemant flood too when we lived there! Here we are in drought conditions. The Spray PArk closed for the rest of the summer to conserve water and we cannot water our lawns or flowers! It's Hot, Hot, Hot! :-)

    I say put a movie on for the kids and snooze on the couch!

  15. Starbucks to the rescue!

    Sorry about the basement, but so awesome about the camera.

    Hope you get some rest tonight!

  16. I feel ya. The baby was up wide awake until 3am last night. Then hubby and I were up at 4am because we heard strange noises in the pipes and thought our basement was flooding too (thankfully it wasn't!). Of course, everyone else awakened at their normal time this morning, and the world spins madly on.

  17. Well, hopefully the camera upgrade makes up for the lack of sleep! A mom does HAVE to have school pictures!

    Hopefully the rain is done and your basement and you get a break!

  18. I love Soul Man! C Thomas Howell - what is he up to these days? Maybe he'll make a comeback like Patrick Dempsey.

  19. ugh, i'm so sorry about the basement flooding. that sucks. :(
    great deal on the new camera though! i've actually only had really crappy customer service w/ best buy myself so i'm glad they came thru for you.

  20. How awesome that is, the new camera. I have a whole new respect for Best Buy.

    I'm currently asking myself, over and over again, how anyone with even one toddler in the house ever has time to handle a blog. Honestly, the one in my house total alters life as I thought I knew it. :-)

  21. I like the geek squad but I'm not a fan of best buy! They are way too expensive for the same product you can get elsewhere. However, I am happy that you got the camera, very cool!


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