August 31, 2007

Sticky Flip Flops

With my flip flop stuck again to the kitchen floor, even after just mopping two days before, I think that maybe I am not necessarily a bad housekeeper. Maybe it's just having a house full of little boys.

I find it is quite impossible to ever keep up. Unless of course the kids were to go away for a while. But then how empty that would be.

We didn't even have pancakes for breakfast today, but somehow stickiness just happens here.

Lately, I am taking more notice of how often I do straighten the couch's toss pillows, say, eleven times on a slow day. And the bed. I made our bed in the morning (though no one could tell now!) but then it's just so perfect for jumping and cuddling and wrestling and spelunking.

Books. They are everywhere. But I am happy that my kids carry books from room to room, plopping into chairs and under tables, into all sorts of nooks and crannies to read their favorite tale.

In the back of my mind is a constant loop of a favorite poem "Babies Don't Keep"

Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
She's up in the nursery, blissfully rocking...

...The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

A pile of dishes before me and dirty socks below, I am feeling quite fulfilled tonight.



  1. Oh my, how I can so relate... I was just bemoaning the fact that I can't seem to stay on top of things! If you would ever like to be a guest in our home, you will most definitely have to be okay with dirty walls, sticky floors and unwashed dishes!! But our family is HAPPY and we LOVE each other, and that's really all that matters, right?

  2. oh i wish i had your mentality. I go crazy in this pigsty of a house i have! And i am trying SO SO SO hard to jsut let it go, and spend the time with Jonah that I attempt to spend cleaning up my house. I try to tell myself "as long as it is not so gross that we have bugs or mice, then its okay." Maybe i just need to have more babies, in order to have a better sense of control. Doesn't sounds like it makes sense, but you make it look so easy!

    p.s. I completely agree that NW Indiana produces only boys. I am still giggling about that comment. LOL.


  3. and p.p.s.

    i type as tears are in my eyes...

    i read the Babies Don't Keep poem, yeah...the housework can wait...until he grows up and moves out...;-)


  4. oh yeah, i decided to take the kids to the library this evening, instead of cleaning. they couldn't get over all the FREE books (you'd think they'd never been in a library before!).

    we can catch up on the house over the weekend, right? :)

  5. I love that poem, too! I heard it somewhere and quickly wrote it down in an old notebook. I just ran across that notebook the other day and took an extra moment to read and re-read the poem. And then we took all the cushions off the couch and had fun jumping on them for awhile. :)

  6. I'm blessed to have had my mama here for the past two weeks to keep my house clean for me!! She thinks she's lost some weight with all the work she's been doing around here!! haha, I should have no problem losing the weight, should this baby every come!

  7. I don't think I've ever read that poem. Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I've tagged you for a meme. You so don't have to play (you may have already played)...

  8. So true that poem is!! I love it!

  9. How true... Thanks for visiting my blogs!

  10. I know the feeling. My floor constantly has crumbs. UGH!! But, I am thankful to be with my "babies".

  11. You sure you haven't been visiting here? lol

    My kitchen and dining room floors seem to be constantly sticky.... I guess that's par for the course as they say because of the 7 children in this house.

  12. I found your blog via "The Mom Blogs"

    I like that little poem. Its quite poignant.

  13. Remember you are a what? SAHM!!! would you be at home if you just had a house? probably not!!! Remember that you stay at home because your a mom, not because you have a house!! Now give yourself a break, when you feel like it go back and wipe up the sticky spot and move on!! Enjoy the SAHM thing, it is over before you know it and the house and the mess is still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You have a knack I tell you - a knack for making me cry! :)

    This is oh so true mama! ((HUGS)) to you for reminding me of it!

  15. I hear ya.
    Although our issue seems to be clothes everywhere. Doesnt matter how hard I try to keep laundry together... we end up with piles of it.. and NOT DIRTY. Its all clean just waiting to find a place.

    Keeping my house real tidy is almost a requirement though... with my husband as a Pastor im always having to be prepared for visitors.. and seems like most people forget how hard it is to keep a tidy house at all times w/ toddlers and babies.

  16. Uh huh- I know those feelings all too well. Just now I've got a kitchen (not sink) full of dirty dishes and a mountain of laundry calling to me.

  17. Here here! My house is an utter mess most of the time as well... but there's so much more to life than housework... my boys come first always!

  18. I had to laugh at the part about the pillows on the couch! Bubbie loves to throw them down... I think I did it 20 times yesterday... and that was a slow day! Ha! Ha! Like you said though, if they went away it would be so lonely!

  19. I think a messy house usually demonstrates a happy household because they have been allowed the opportunity to eat, play, and be merry. Having books around is always a good sign! Life is too short and there will always be things to clean, but not always kids around to make messes!! Enjoy!

  20. I've struggled so hard with this, especially since the baby came. The laundry, the dishes, the floors, and on and on until I thought I'd lose it. And then I have times like last night where, instead of cleaning up the kitchen I took the kids out just to enjoy the first comfortable evening we've had in a while. Yep, dishes and all that other stuff can wait. The children won't be children forever!

  21. It will still be there tomorrow, I always say. Unless it's there so long it grows legs. haha

  22. After my crazy couple days, I have Crocs sticking to my floor!


  23. Oh but how we are truly blessed to all be healthy and happy dear friend.....

  24. Yep, there's housekeeping. And then there's important things.

    I'm with you on the sticky floor thing, sister.

  25. sniff sniff* well now that you've made us all cry. i think we all needed that. the shout out to stop bothering about the mess in the kitchen. thanks steph.

  26. Every night it's cleaning sticky stuff on the floor... on the high chairs... on the couches... everywhere!
    Last night I was cleaning the counter when my husband said go lay down and watch a movie, I'll take over... HEAVEN!
    So know what you mean... it never ends. I need a cleaning lady pronto!
    - Audrey

  27. What a great post! I just have the one son, but I totally straighten the cushions eleventy billion times a day!

  28. That's a great poem! My life's motto.

  29. Great post!
    I've decided a long time ago, that my house does not have to be spotless.
    I really let myself go. With 3 small kids our floors and walls are alway sticky.
    I could clean all day and still not get done, so I've decided to only clean the house when I really need to.
    I'm sure when the kids grow up it will get easier, but for now I'll just enjoy.


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