August 5, 2007

So I Think You Should Dance

Grab the love of your life or the nearest baby or child or your friend or a stuffed animal or whatever and dance away to this happy happy song. You can find the lyrics here. Sing along.

I am really into happy lately.


  1. :) So happy you're having such happy feelings lately! May it continue!

  2. *Smile* it's great to be just "happy" good for you! :)

  3. All three of us danced to this! Liam's mouth was wide open with joy the whole time. Thanks for starting our day with a happy feelin'!

  4. That definitely lifts your mood. I just can't believe that someone has such a high singing voice. Too funny!

  5. I love to dance! And Peanut does too since he's been "dancing" since before he was born. LOL
    Now everytime he hears music he rocks back and forth or crawls over to me so I'll pick him up to dance with me. :)

  6. Hold on to that mood and change it to a choice of being!


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