August 12, 2007

Handbags For Hot Mamas

Yes, I said handbags. Do I have your attention?

Sobebabies has got the monopoly on hip diaper bags, mama bags, and even dad bags!

Lately I've been seen everywhere carrying my Posh by Tori Bangle Clutch and it's so easy to take everywhere as I can use it as a handbag, a bangle wristlet, and also hang it on the stroller. Oh, and most importantly, it's as stylish as it is functional. I've been carrying mine at least 2 months now and the fabric still looks like new and, um, I am not "easy" on my handbags. All of the Posh by Tori bags will satisfy your inner fashionista- whether you need a large toddler tote or just a skinnie mini that can actually take you from the park with the playgroup to a night out with the girls.

Although they are also known for an awesome selection of baby carriers, you can find top of the line strollers like the Easy Walker Sky Jogging Stroller at Sobebabies, as well as show-stopping hand made kid's clothing and kid's bags like the Outside Baby Mini Backpack- how cute is that?!

And have you heard of the Strolli?? Oh my goodness do I need one of these! How fun! And right now the Strolli is 10% off at Sobebabies, with free shipping!

Save $5 off your order at Sobebabies by entering code ABW.

There's just one place to go-
Sobebabies meets all of your babywearing needs as well as your high fashion Mama (and Papa) desires!


  1. Hey! We have a Strolli on the way... might just have to send it your way - huh!

  2. Really? I've always thought handbags looked kind of cumbersome - it never occured to me that they might be a better option, but look at that little wrist loop. Hm.

  3. I love those clutches! glad to see what you are doing is starting trends!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a great sight...the bags are beautiful. Congrats on being mom of the week over at Crazy Hip Blog Mama!

  5. Oh my goodness that Strolli Rider thing is SOOOOOO Cool!

  6. Love the Bangle Clutch! They have alot of great stuff there. Thx!

  7. That strolli is so cool! We had one of those boards, and kids loved it, I can imagine how much they would love that one! I'm just wondering hw it would have fit in our stroller - it didn't have that straight bar.
    Loved the video of the product in the Sobebabies website, the kids looked they really loved the Strolli! A great site!

  8. Just found your site and love it. I am new to the Blogger world and baby designer world. I'll be back often I'm sure.

  9. wow.. i wish i had seen that stroller thing before buying a double stroller that i barely use.

  10. Those strollis are great. It's great to have something that assist us with our children.
    Thanks for these links. They do have great things for the kids.

  11. Awesome site. They do have nice things for kids. I was also planning on one of those strollis. They're really cool.


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