July 14, 2007

Oprah Can You Hear Me?

Am I the only one wishing for new episodes this summer? I miss me some good Oprah. I am a finicky viewer- I can't watch anything too sad or too scary or too freaky, but I do enjoy the Ask Dr. Oz shows, the advice from life coach Martha Beck, and of course Oprah's Favorite Things. Oh how I long to be an audience member for one of those big giveaways! I have been to the show once before when Paul Simon was on. That was a long time ago!

I'd love to be on again and think that Oprah should do a whole show about the up & coming blog world. I mean, it's huge now and we have such a community! Mommy Bloggers are a whole new demographic still almost undiscovered. I think we're just what Oprah is all about. I've got some great ideas, Oprah People!

If you are an Oprah fan, then you might just want to enter this giveaway. Revolution Health has joined forces with O, the Oprah Magazine, as a sponsor of the O You! Conference on September 29 in Miami. To celebrate, Revolution Health is offering visitors to this site a chance to win one of five trips for two to the conference in Miami.

The O You! conference is expected to draw several thousand women and will feature speakers including financial expert Suze Orman
, exercise physiologist Bob Greene, life coach Martha Beck, heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, and others. Revolution Health, which is led by AOL founder Steve Case, is an official title sponsor of the event.

I'd love for some of my blogging friends to win- so enter every day! Keep an eye out for me on Oprah- I'm telling you I'll be on there one of these days!

Oprah can you hear me?


  1. I'm like you, after all these years of O watching, I've come to the point where I can't take the sad or disturbing shows. A part of me knows that maybe I should be aware of the various scary things that Oprah is warning us about, but its too upsetting. I think her recent interview with that teen that had been found after being kidnapped 4 years ago, almost sent me over the edge as a parent.

  2. I'm ready for some new episodes as well, only not Oprah... I can't get into talk shows for some reason. I do, however, LOVE "The Office!" I can't wait for the next season to start...

    By the way, if you do end up on Oprah one day, I'll be sure to watch it! :)

  3. I don't even know what day Oprah is on..

    Last time I saw it, there was a family whose daughter died in a car accident, she was 6 and her head was cut off by the seat belt. I thought it was horrible, but they never even said whether she was wearing a booster seat or not - because that sounded excatly that kind of death that happens, when the seat belt is on a wrong height. They just said the death was a drunk drivers' fault, but I would have been interested to know about the booster seat... at least they should have mentioned the importance of a booster seat!

    I might watch her show more often, if I'd know when it's on. Same goes for other shows, I never really keep up what comes when.. Only show that I sometimes remember to watch is Las Vegas for some reason.

    I've never even heard of most TV shows people are talking about, I've never seen even one episode of Sopranos or Desparate Housewives..

    Do you buy one of those TV guide magazines, or how do you even keep up when the TV shows are on..? Do you just remember them?

  4. Ok, then after this discussion, I did watch TV yesterday. I was watching FX and all the time there were these annoying ads of their upcoming shows on the bottom right corner. Not just that the ads were annoying, but they had Sound Effects!! It was so annoying, that I had to write them and complain.

    And I will never watch FX again, so Rescue Me or Damages will not get a viewer here.

  5. It would be hilarious if Oprah answered your question, "Yes, I actually can hear you." :)

    I'm not an O fan as I think she is way too liberal for my thinking. And, way too commercialized. And arrogant. And nobody should have that much money. Except me. LOL :)

    Take care!

  6. I'm in, I hope I get picked. I can't take your mom with me Steph someone has to cover at work, so if you can go I'll take you.

  7. Steph, someone needs to start a blog called "bloggersforoprah" or something like that. LOL

    Maybe we mom bloggers would nab her attention thadaway! ;)

    I'm right there with you, though. I'd love to be on Oprah...who knows, maybe my new blog will get some press.

    A mom blogger can dream, right?


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