July 6, 2007


For real this is what I dreamed the other night...

I was making my way through a small candle & bead store when a woman just leaned back in front of me with closed eyes and was praying or something. Then she said that she could see my crystals and that I should have extra energy crystals where Motherhood is and I am very low, with little crystals left. I could see the crystals like they were on a necklace, and it was very bare. "You need rest and need to get built back up," she said.

Can you have a wake-up call while sleeping?

I know nothing about energy or crystals or anything like that at all, but they could have just been representing something else in my dream. Like uh, yeah... I am worn out. I am not getting enough rest and it's truly all my own fault. I can eat healthy, exercise, be super-mom, but go without sleep? It never works out for me. My body and mind retaliate.

I do think dreams can be important and something not to ignore. Hello, anyone hear about Joseph? I've had some interesting and bizarre dreams in my time- with each of my pregnancies I dreamt I gave birth to a puppy. Please tell me this is normal.

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  1. In dream interpretation some theories say everyone and everything in your dream is an aspect of you. If you go with that then the woman was you telling you that you are running on low and need to get more rest. Some other theories say what you think your dream means is what it means. Again same meaning according to what you wrote. I'll look up what the dream symbol is for crystals and get back to you tomorrow.

  2. I totally believe that dreams are a way of your sub-conscious to tell you something. I would listen if I were you. Get some rest! ;-)

  3. My dad's a therapist, and he says that dreams are our minds' way of "taking out the trash," dealing with stuff that we aren't facing during the day.

    Sounds like you need a major nap! :) Take care of yourself. Get that rest your body is telling you to get.

    And the puppy dreams? Totally normal.

  4. I have never heard of a Puppy dream!!! Ha! Ha! I don't know about dreams...just that you can't dream something you haven't seen or heard- something like that. Get some rest..take a trip with Hubbie...go away by yourself for an evening and sleep, read, relax!

  5. Oh my, you definitely need more sleep. Listen to what your dreams are telling you!

  6. Yep. If that's not your brain trying to tell you something, I don't know what is! We could ALL used more sleep, that's a given. Hope you get the rest!

  7. Amen on the sleep. It is sooo important and we sooo often forget that. When we went to see the Dalai Lama he said people always ask him how he always so happy, so peaceful- his response was - A LOT of sleep!

  8. That for real sounds like a prophetic dream! Yes, you must get your sleep! No more staying up late!! LOL.

  9. Hmm, my comment didn't show up. I think I said something about your dream just showing your love for animals :) When I was pregnant, I had a dream that I gave birth to a red-headed toddler who looked just like a picture of my mom when she was two, straight cut bangs and curly locks. I also gave birth to the toddler in an airport. I don't even want to know what that dream means! Anyway, I hope you find some rest.

  10. Adorable pictures of you and Abby!

  11. It is defenately a sign to rest and relax!

    I had a "wake-up-call" dream too a few weekago. My (dead) Grandmother was saying that I needed to put on make up and my dancing dress, I looked horrible. She wanted me to dance with her. I was wondering why she was able to dance, she had been in wheelchair, and she said, now she can do anything and she was waiting for me. It scared me - like she was asking me to heaven with her! I started taking more time off and eating and sleeping better.

  12. Steph you need more rest, our dreams really do help us get rid of the junk in our head and let us know when we are in need or in danger. Have dad take the kids to the park or over to Mimi's house and take a long over due nap.

  13. I have crazy dreams! I have a lot of recurring dreams too, which is kinda weird. Also, sometimes my dreams are so realistic that a few days later I can't remember if I dreamt something or if it happened! You do look cute with a girl by the way! Oh and PS- bangs pics are posted. :)

  14. well puppies kind of go hand-in-hand with little boys....maybe it meant that you were having a boy.

  15. ok.... this is very strange, but i dreamed about YOU last night! it was extra strange because I've been off the computer for a week so I haven't been reading blogs or anything, so I have no idea what would make me dream about you... I don't even remember the dream, but I do know you were in it! weird. :)

  16. Hi Steph,
    found a new sling site.
    let me know what you think!
    proud to be country.blogspot

  17. I'm the same way about sleep. It seems like once the boys go too bed there is an endless list of things that I need to do and want to do. Before I know it, it's 1 AM and I'm smack dab in the middle of something. Too many nights like that and I am down for the count!!

    Get some rest girl!

  18. Get some rest! In my opinion dreams are our minds way of telling us things when we don't want to listen. Go to www.dreammoods.com to see what some of the symbols in your dream mean. It's usually pretty accurate.

  19. hmm strange dream... I cannot declare dreams, I don't know if they have a universal meaning. but I do believe that I sometimes dream about things that are keeping my mind busy. But it comes out in weird dreams with lots of people and aspects of my life mingled up in a bizare mix that does not fit together.

    ...if I had dreamt this I would think that you subconciously know you lack energy. So as all the others stated above, I think you might need to sit down and make sure you get enough rest.

    Personally my energy levels are very very low as well lately.

  20. I NEVER dreamed about puppies while pregnant, not that's wierd! :o) But cats...I dreamed I not only gave birth to a kitten, I dreamed about nursing it! When our daughter was born I didn't yell, "it's a girl",,,I yelled "It's a BABY!" My hubby looked at me and asked "What did you expect?" He still teases me about that!
    Get some rest, I don't do well with little sleep either!
    PS...sorry I'm commenting so late on this post, I've been out of town with no internet...just trying to get caught up! :-)


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