July 10, 2007

Bloggy Stuff -update!

Look at me! I was interviewed by Blog Interviewer here. How honored I am to be interviewed among the most interesting bloggers on the web. (Well, at least that's what their site says.) You can rate me (I have no idea what that does or what that means) but go ahead and rate me if you'd like. I was checking it out just a minute ago and gave myself a thumbsdown on accident. Ah well!

If you want to get a cool "link to me" button for your own blog, you can ask Drea about it from Fina' Drea (that's who did my fine blog design and button!) She's also having a contest right now for Blessed Baby, so check that out, too! If you make buttons & stuff, then leave a comment here and let people know, 'cause people are asking for some buttons!

Speaking of buttons... do you have a Mama Speaks button yet? If you have trouble copying & pasting the button, try just right clicking on the html box and then click "select all" then "copy" then try pasting it that way. Still having trouble? Let me know! Did you see the great treasures Mama Speaks has been giving away everyday lately? Today's is too cute.

And then of course tomorrow is the last day to enter to win a Podonbutai from All Natural Mommies. And it officially went on sale last night!

I do have more giveaways on the way- stay tuned- there's some goodies to be had!

Oh, and Christine at From Dates to Diapers is in the know on all the giveaways in blogland it seems! If you're looking for giveaways, head her way- she'll point you to the good ones! And also be sure to check out An Island Review for even more contest & giveaway updates!

Now I'm off to go play with some non-bloggy buttons... I have big plans to finish knitting this sweater tonight and putting on some cute little turtle buttons...

*This just in! Ginormous has officially been added to the dictionary! Love that word! So has 'crunk' which I don't use very often unless of course I am referring to that 'crunk' in Gray's nose or the 'crunk' dried at the tip of the mustard bottle...


  1. Hey Steph ;-) thanks for the shout out!! I got another contest next week. its really cute!! cant wait to show what they sent Burgers.

  2. I read your interview and it was great. I tried to rate it but it kept me "waiting for....) too long. So I would not rate the interviewer too well as far as giving readers a chance to rate in a timely manner but I would rate your interview very well. Did you ever get those buttons from Woolen Treasures?

  3. Thanks for always pointing the way to the best contests! And for having them yourself!

  4. The sweater is too cute! :)

  5. how hilarious that you gave yourself a thumbs down. :)

    there was a lot of homework in this post! i think i got all caught up, and got the buttons on my sidebar (i'm blogging again! yay!).

    i can't believe you knit too, i need to take classes from you in how to juggle three boys and still do all the other stuff you do! i have at least three unfinished knitting projects at the moment.

  6. I've never even heard the word "crunk!" But ginormous... now that's a word I hear often!!

    Watch, now I'll hear crunk all the time!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  7. Great interview, I gave you thumbs up. That's funny you hit thumbs down, I've done stuff like that before.
    I wonder why none of my words I make up have made it into the dictionary?? Wait maybe because they are not spelled right-haha I've never heard these two words before.

  8. Fabulous interview, Stephanie. Very fun to get to know you even more. And what an honor to be picked for the interview. :)

    You are a rock star blogger. Can I be you when I grow up? LOL

  9. So, now I can say that I feel ginormous, and not feel stupid!

    Thanks for mentioning From Dates to Diapers. :)

    I'm off to read your interview!

  10. Yea, I finally got the Mama Speaks button up, thanks for the tip. Now, I'm off to read your interview! Do you sleep, ever?


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