July 8, 2007

Bangs Update

My hair appointment is this coming Saturday. I haven't decided officially whether I'll go bangs or no bangs, but after shopping yesterday among a sea of many women with some pretty bad hair, I am being reminded of the growing-out period that always follows a well-intentioned bang cutting. And mom bangs. I don't wear mom jeans and I don't want mom bangs.

And also after going to the beach yesterday, although there were many swimsuit-model-bodies prancing around (mind you they were all under 15 years old and hadn't ever given birth), the majority of the female (and male) beachgoers had me leaving feeling pretty good about myself.

Have you entered the Podonbutai contest yet?

Seen what Mama Speaks is giving away today??


  1. I will say... I remember that awful growing our period... you can't do much with them excet straigthen to the side or pink back with a bobby-pin to make a little puff! I'm so into the straightening of my hair lately... the easiest thing for me to do right now... but I'll be ready for a hair change come the Fall!

    We're beaching it after naptime today... it's so hot and the beach near us has a great breeze which will be perfect for the baby and Alex (who is sick today).

    I love how you felt good about yourself at the beach... you're an inspiration! I'm doing the bikini today... 3 months of trying to get a body back after 3 years of pregnancies... let's hope all goes well!!

    Stay cool today - it's 95 here!


  2. You are so right!@! Growing out only leaves a few options and most of the time its work! The poof is cute...wait...why are we talking about growing out bangs and you haven't even cut them yet.


  3. I like my bangs and my husband finally admitted that he likes it better, too. My mother, on the other hand, hates them and complains about them constantly. She thinks it's funny to call me Xena, which no one else gets. My mother is kind of a weirdo sometimes.

  4. I'm in the growing out stage right now. It hasn't been that bad. I had them cut longer and they go to the side. I think you'd look good either way, but I know what you mean.

  5. I like a swoopy side bang, myself. I know what you mean. All I have to do when I start feeling bad about myself is stop looking at the tv and start looking at real people. All of a sudden I feel better.

  6. I went bangs a month ago and totally regret it!!!!

  7. LOL! I'm with you on ALL that. The mom bangs and the bathing suits at the beach. Down with mom bangs. I just had sweep-over bangs cut, and I think I'm gonna grow them back out. At least it should be pretty painless, as they already sorta blend in.

  8. I still think you should go for the bangs! They're only "mom bangs" if their are worn with the rest of the hair in a ponytail everyday! You don't do that, so I think you'll look pretty cool!

  9. My worst bangs story was the time my husband and I were splitting a bottle of red wine and watching Amelie and I decided that I needed really adorable short French girl bangs RIGHT THAT SECOND.
    Yeah, bad ide.

  10. Growing out always stinks, yes. But, I try not to think about my haircut in the future tense.

    However, it is easier without bangs and you never know how good a haircut you'll get. LOL I love the "mom bangs" comment. I've had those before. hehe

    I think your hair would look great either way, Steph. You have great hair ;)

    The beach comment cracked me up. I have to confess I worry about what I'll look like around a bunch of sexy non-moms at the beach, but I have to admit I look pretty nice for having two kids.

    My hubby couldn't keep his hands off this hot mama today. lol

  11. I am going thru that grow out period right now, but I've had a form of bangs for YEARS. Time for a change....

    And "mom" things.....slap me if I ever go there!!!!

  12. Mom bangs? I think bangs can be cute, but after a while they get in the way. Since they are much shorter than the rest of your hair, you have to style the rest according to your bangs. lol I hate those awful mom jeans!


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