July 15, 2007

And Now With FAQs!

I've decided to post a Frequently Asked Questions section on my blog. I still welcome emails and questions in my comments, but lately these are recurring questions I have been asked and I just thought I'd do a whole post about it!

Today is the last day to submit your favorite breastfeeding picture to Musings of a Crunchy, Domestic Goddess.

Here's the pic I submitted. I love how Gray still plays with my hair while nursing. I never want to forget moments like these!


  1. Awesome, Steph. Great idea. I will be fully taking advantage of the FAQ section when the time comes...

  2. What a beautiful picture! You know, I don't think I have a single picture of D breastfeeding and that makes me so sad! I hope to get many more after Little Sister gets here . . .

  3. Very cute photo of Gray!!

    All my boys are bottle babies... so I don't know that special bond of breastfeeding. William never took... and then 12 months later with Alexander... I just was so bottle zoned.

    And, as always, cute hair!

    - Audrey

  4. That's so sweet! Katie likes to play with my shirt when she's nursing...I don't think we have any pictures of her nursing though.

  5. I stopped nursing before my boys could do much of anything cute. I remember I loved them smiling, though.

    With each baby I breastfed longer so I'm hoping by the time the next one comes around I'll be able to nurse for a year.

    Lovely photo of the two of you. :)

    (ps - you've been tagged. I promise this tag is different than most out there on the mom blogs. lol)

  6. That is a precious picture...I hope I look as good as you do soon after #4 gets here so I can wear tops like that...how easy must it be to nurse in a strapless!

  7. Love that photo! My little girl often played with my hair or "kneaded" my hands as I held her bottle long after she stopped nursing. Even now, although she is not nursing, she has a habit of cuddling in my arms while she drinks her sippy of milk first thing in the morning. I love it.

  8. that picture is beautiful, what a great giveaway!

    you are so gracious in the way you answer those FAQ's. with some of those, I'd be tempted to not be so polite. :)


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