June 11, 2007

Uh, Father's Day Is, Like, Soon!

I have been running lots of errands today since coming back from vacation. I literally came to a screeching halt as I passed by the greeting cards at Target- Oh, yeah. Father's Day is, like, this Sunday! And we have a friend's graduation open house this weekend- where did all the graduation cards go? I was able to find a decent one hiding behind the only ones left. Here were my other choices: Congrats On Your Preschool Graduation or For A Groovy Graduate or For My Graduating Nephew With Love.

Anyway- am I the only one that is a little behind on things right now? I am not normally a last-minute person, but oh well.

If you need some gift ideas (for Father's Day and/or graduation), here's some just off the top of my head. Pictures- they are the good-ol standby. Print the best one you took yourself &
frame it (Marshall's always has awesome frames for cheap, of course.) Tickets to ball games- never can go wrong with tickets to see their favorite team. Movies, music- or movies and music... you can do that by giving the new Rolling Stones DVD box set, The Biggest Bang, an exclusive 4-DVD set available only at Best Buy starting tomorrow! Just in time! I was sent this set to review and admit that I will probably keep it for myself instead... come on! Duets with Bonnie Raitt & Dave Matthews! Wild Horses with Eddie Vedder!

You can enter to win one of your own over at 5 Minutes For Mom, too, if you hurry!

And don't forget to enter my contest here for the
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  1. You can always make your own gift too! We are totally behind ACK - but I know what we're gonna do!

    I am going to run out to Wally world tomorrow and buy 2 "fun colored" plates - then I took pictures of the kids profiles. I am going to do there profiles on black paper, glue the paper to the plates, write there names and dates on the bottom - and then glaze them.

    It's a fun interesting gift that no one else can give him! :) (My father is the worlds HARDEST person to buy for, if he wants it he just goes and gets it - except for those REALLY REALLY expensive things!)

  2. We're with you too. Sunday we finally took care of Father's Day! Ahhhh! Its so hard! Good luck!

  3. I've known it's coming, but I'm still behind! Aidan and I are going on a "date" tomorrow evening to pick up a present for my dh. We may get him a new sports watch, or some clothes. He NEEDS a ton, but won't say anything he wants. I swear guys are harder to shop for than girls!

  4. I am terrible about waiting until the last minute for buying gifts! I still don't know what I'm going to get the fathers in our life for father's day. I do have cards though.

  5. I have no idea what to get my Sweet Potato for Father's Day, really. We'll do some crafty presents for him mid-week, and hopefully some inspiration will strike me before Sunday.

  6. Steph you are not the only one who is behind I feel so far behind I don't think I'll ever get caught back up. 24hrs. in the day is just not enough.

  7. We are going camping at the Beach for Father's Day Weekend. My FIL is also coming! The kids are pretty excited about going to the beach and camping and doing it with daddy and Pop-Pop. Should be fun!

  8. Last year I made my hubby a scrapbook with pictures of only him and our son. So this year, I am working on providing a few more pages for that scrapbook of him and our son over the past year and of course pictures of him and our daughter.

    My son has a page all to himself that we are going to put into the scrapbook where he gets to design it. Already it is full of scribbles and stickers. :)

  9. Father's Day doesn't usually sneak up on me because my Dad's bday is the week before. That's the good news. The bad part is coming up with gift ideas. Per his request, Jeff's getting golf lessons this year...

  10. Yikes....I've been so busy:0 It is sneaking up on me. I need to finish up with my homemade card I'm making hubby and get a few things wrapped:)

  11. I'm way behind too. I just today went and bought father's day cards and a gift for my hubby on his first father's day. I still have to get something for MY dad though. I think I know what I went to get him, just need to make sure he doesn't already have it!

  12. I hear you, I'm really bad about getting birthday cards etc sent out. Still no cards for dh and my dad, I need to do that before they're all gone. It was nearly impossible to find a card for my mom for Mother's Day!

    That's something I gotta work on!


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