June 16, 2007

I Will Forever Be A Daddy's Girl

My Dad has rough hands from working a laboring job, stained from paint, oil, strength.

His face shows signs of age and weathering life. His hair with its share of silver (I am certain to be responsible for quite a few of those gray hairs.)

His heart, however, is a soft pillow where I will always have a place to rest.

One of my favorite photos-
Carter & my Dad, 2004


  1. Very sweet! The picture of Carter and your Dad is cute.

  2. How touching Steph. Love the picture too.

  3. You are blessed to have such a great dad...never take it for granted.

  4. It's a hame how much we took our father's for granted growing up, but the cool thing how much MORE we appreciate them now as we get older. Their work ethic alone is enough to make your eyes well up with tears!

    Hope you and your family have a great Father's Day.

  5. This is a heart-tugging post, Steph.
    Hope you & yours have a wonderful Father's Day!

  6. Love it! So sweet. Gotta love daddies.

  7. This is so beautiful! What a lovely image that last sentence gives. He sounds like such a special man.


  8. It's funny, my husband says I'm responsible for all of his gray hair. :)

    It looks like you got a pretty good dad there Steph!


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