June 29, 2007

Babywearing Tip of the Week: Which Carrier Is Right For Me?

I am asked quite often- Which carrier should I buy? Which one is best for summer? Long trips? Quick trips? Newborns? Toddlers? Nursing?

I know it can be quite overwhelming to babywearers- amateurs and novices! I have given some recommendations in my big babywearing post here, but recently I've found the Sling Comparison Chart at Mom 4 Life to be another great resource. It even includes price ranges, which is very helpful, too!

If you want to know my own personal opinion, I prefer a ring sling for quick trips. For longer trips, I like my mei tai or wrap. For newborns I like the ring slings and wraps.

I find that at Gray's age, it is easiest for me to nurse him in the mei tai or wrap (as shown here.) For newborns I think ring slings, pouches, and wraps are very easy to discreetly nurse in.

For wearing on your back, I like mei tais and wraps.
I like mesh water slings for the shower with a newborn and for the pool with baby or toddler. And don't forget about Solarveil slings if you are out in the summer (and these are also great for in the pool!) I also like my mei tai for hotter weather as well. And I like having a fancy sling or two for dressier occasions, or just feeling pretty!

I am nursing Gray here in a Moby D Baby Carrier by Moby Wrap in red silk with black cotton, available at Mom 4 Life. It's delicious!! I love these pics- I think this second photo looks like I'm being chased by the papparazzi! (I am nursing Gray in both photos, by the way.)

I am fortunate to be able to try out many different types of carriers, and if you have this option, go for it! Some boutiques sell them or you can find other moms wearing them or selling slings at La Leche League meetings and other Mommy gatherings. Try them out if you can! Seriously, I'll be at the park and we're all trying on each other's slings! Otherwise, check out the Sling Comparison Chart and also you can just ask away here! Most places, including Mom 4 Life have a great return policy as well.

I must also thank Heather at Mom 4 Life for honoring me with the Mom 4 Life 4titude Award! She read about Noah's Story and I am very honored to receive this award!

Today at 9:30 am (MT) Heather will be on Babies And Moms Radio talking about babywearing as a guest on their show! If you missed it, you can check out the podcast later today.

If you have a Babywearing Tip of The Week or babywearing story you'd like to submit, email me or leave a comment here!


  1. Thanks for this post. How old is your son?

  2. Cool! I love Mom4Life. It was one of the first mommy websites I discovered as a new mom! You know some of her proceeds go to crisis pregnancy centers!

  3. You are so right! You can get different slings to accessorize your outfits! LOL! But, to start a nice neutral colored sling that you can use everyday is a must. Then, your sling collection can grow from there. :-)

  4. thanks! i plan to try out babywearing thanks to you and drea! :) great post!

  5. Thanks for the advice, Steph. That first pic of you and Gray is so sweet!

  6. That is a great chart! For fast trips I prefer my ring sling...I like pouches, but they always seem to slip off my shoulder! I LOVE wrapping for around the house and walks! So comfy! I just haven't cared for my mei tai since I started wrapping.

  7. Just want to add that NINO (Nine In Nine Out) groups are all over the country and can be a great resource for parents who are new to babywearing. I know most groups have lending libraries and some members will even make house calls or meet up to help a mother figure out how to wrap, correctly adjust a ring sling, show different carries for a particular baby carrier, etc. NINO is such a great resource.

    I love the red silk with the black- it looks really classic! I have never figured out how to nurse in a baby carrier though I have to admit I've never tried all that hard to figure it out!

  8. I must mention that I love my Hotsling pouch! It folds up small and is great for short outings. It was my first baby carrier and I still use it weekly.
    I also like a MT for back carries, but it looks really goofy on me so I try not to wear it out of the house.
    I couldn't seem to get the Moby to work for me once he got heavier.
    The solarveil ring sling is going to be my first RS experience!

  9. Stam House- Gray is 20 months old!!


  10. Thanks so much for these helpful tips... I had decided to get a mei tai AND a moby wrap, and you've definitely solidified my decision. I'll be back tomorrow for your contest!!

  11. I'm a mom4life fan, too. :) Have you seen their bug bed "rails"? So cute! :)
    I'm also involved in our NINO group. The only downside is that trying all the carriers makes me WANT all of them! lol

  12. Lovely pics the silk is beautiful. I heard its a tad slipper for back carrying though. Have you tried it?

    Love the babywearing tips!
    I have an idea for one.

    1. Favorite carry w/ a Mei Tai.. w/ photo ;-) Do you like it crossed over the chest or like a back pack (run-sack? not sure on the term haha)...

    2. Fav wrap :-D

  13. Thanks Stephanie for your great post, you look REALLY great in that Moby D--such a great color on you. Thanks also for your great info on babywearing, we all appreciate it!

  14. It took buying three before I finally found one that worked well for me. Sweet pictures by the way.

  15. Thanks for the info. I'm considering trying out the babywearing. I find that I'm carrying the Wog all over the house & my back is killing me! I just haven't wanted to plunk down the coinage & then him not like it!


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