June 30, 2007

Baby Names- Am I Crazy?

I love any and all discussion regarding baby names. Beck at Frog And Toad Are Still Friends always has something comical to say regarding the subject like here and here, and recently I came across this article in the news about a New Zealand couple not being allowed to name their child "4real"- for real- I am not making this up.

Elizabeth posted not too long ago about there being a Braxton Hicks in her daughter's class. This cracks me up. And as much as I hate celebrity gossip, I still love to hear what the stars name their babies. The weirder the better, don't you think?

I looooove to know what pregnant mommies are naming their babies, but we kept Grayson's name a secret until he was born. Too many opinions. So we decided to just keep it a secret. We had our families pretty worried, I am sure, because after some of the first names we had told them... I had my heart set on Tazo (it means third son!) and I still love that name. Hubby said no way. We could call him Tay! Or Taze! Yeah, hubby said no way.

But, we named him Grayson and he's such a Gray. Not a Tazo. It totally worked out.

And for a girl, oh how I have my heart set on naming a girl after my mom and my hubby's mom. My mom's name is Rhonda and hubby's mom is Barbara. Rhubarb! Isn't that just brilliant? At least perfect for a middle name! We could call her Roo or Rue... I seriously still like this name. I think my family thinks I am joking. I am not joking.

I've heard some crazy names, but the name always ends up fitting the child perfectly and then I totally love it. Have you ever met a baby that didn't fit their name?

And be honest- Rhubarb... am I crazy? Even for a middle name?


  1. Rubarb is a no.. Makes me think of the Rubarbarians in Veggie Tales...

  2. Ruhbarb.. kinda makes me think of a veggie or dip HAHA. But RUE is VERY CUTE! or Roo.

    I dont have a girl yet... but I love the name Ira (eye-rah) but Travis hates it.

    :-) so we shall see.
    Oh and no OOPS ;-)
    atleast according to a test.

  3. Rhubarb...well, she'd be sweet as pie!

    The worst name I ever heard was not about a baby, but when Star Wars episode 1 came out, 5 people in the United States legally changed their name to Obi Won Kinobi (sp!). What in the world?!

  4. it would be fine if her first name was not strawberry and last name pie.

    I was a nurse in pediatric and we have quite a few bizzare name,

    * morning snow
    * harly devidson
    * Yvon Lavale ( french name meaning they will swallow him!)
    * two sisters were name marriage and divorce (talk about sad)

    and many more!

  5. Yep, hun, you know how much I love you, but you are totally BONKERS! Rhubarb? 4real?? I mean, its great with strawberries for a pie, but a daughter? But you know what? Its YOUR babe! Name it, girl! ;) My whole fam hates names I pick, but they aren't birthing nor raising the wee one now are they? Rue/ Roo is adorable, though!!

  6. Yes. Crazy. But I love you anyway. Plus there's already a Roo at your church (if you care about those kinds of things).

  7. I think it's pretty,
    -gwenneth named one apple...
    i like that it's a combo of your mom's... what a tribute... even if they think it's crazy... I want to name my girl afte our two living great gramma's... mine is appalled (and she has the pretty name) Margery and Agatha
    we would call her Maggie.
    we have friends who named their daughter Paisley and everyone thought that was crazy...plaid, polka dot, stripe...
    names are interesting these days and the more interesting the less teasing... it's no longer a real issue to be picked on for your name.

  8. Rhubarb? Oh girl you kill me!!! Of course you can name your baby anything you want. But seriously, it is funny. Sorry. Yeah, maybe just use it for a middle name. heehee. Did you hear about the baby in London that was given 25 middle names?? You can google it. Her name is Autumn (insert 25 last names of famous boxers) Brown. Crazy eh?

  9. Our middle son's name was going to be Grayson until I changed my mind at 37 weeks. I could just tell he was not a Grayson. He is such a Zachary. It fits him perfectly. We did use the Garrison as a middle name for our youngest.

    LOL @ Rhubarbarians...I thought the same thing. Rue is darling, though.

  10. My Grandmother worked as a nurse in L&D and she had to talk a lady out of naming her twins Syphillis and Gonorea. She saw the names on a chart in the doctors office and thought they were the most beautiful names in the world. Who cares if the are STDs right? There was another lady who wanted to name her kid meconium.

  11. Grayer :-) remember that. hehe

  12. Rhubarb would have been sooooo cute! And calling her Rue/Rhu/Roo even cuter. Hey, I think I knew a mom from LLL with a baby named Rhue, not sure of spelling.

    My hunny had a friend and his mom's name was "Rainbow Hunter." Hunter being a coincidental married last name!!

    I love baby names. From the time I was in 6th grade, I would just sit around and make lists of all of my favorite names for my future children.

  13. I think that poor child would be made fun of forever!! For Rhubarb (sour puss, etc.), and possible even for Roo (Think Whinnie the Pooh). I think there's a difference between being unique, and just being a little too strange. I LOVE your kids names though, and I have no doubt that you would come up with a great one if you happen to have another child!

  14. You so strike me as a "Rhubarb's Mom"... not many could pull it off, but you totally could!

  15. hmm.. I can't get down with the Rhubarb, but that's just me. I've heard stranger names though!
    My name is definitely different and I have brothers named Elijah and Isaiah.

    I linked to the video of that 4real couple on my blog. You gotta see the interview. They are so funny. I just kept watching it thinking are they for real? (yes, they are 4real) Seriously.

    I must say that I love the name Grayson and if it didn't clash so horribly with our last name we may have considered it.

    We did the same thing and kept our name ideas to ourself. Just too many comments. Calvin was one of our favorites. I love Ezra and Kai, but DH said they both sounded too girly. (Kai is actually my nickname so I thought it would appropriate.) We'll see!

  16. I think Rhubarb is cute, but funny, and it wouldn't be a bad middle name at all. And the point with Gwyneth's Apple was good - it would be fashionable too :)

    We had Isabella and Gabriella, and when I was asked what we would name the third one if it was a girl, I said Cinderella. I think it freaked out the family a bit, and they were happy we had a boy :)

    BTW, I would have named a girl Camilla, and the girls would have been called Bella, Gabby and Milla. Gabby is our Cindrella though, when people ask her name, she answers "Gabbyrella" - and I get weird looks :)

  17. I love different names for children of course. This one is different. You go though the pain you have the right to name them.

  18. I really like Rue...I will love her whatever name she has...

  19. I like the name Rhubarb - honestly! Especially because I love when names hold a certain meaning, and mixing your mom and mom-in-law's beautiful names certainly is meaningful!

    I have always loved old names (just like my mom... which is why her daughters are Jane and Audrey!), so my favorite girls names are Agnes and Harriet. of course, everyone I've ever told thinks they're ugly names, but I DON'T CARE! :)

    It would make me smile if you had a little girl and named her (or gave her the middle name of) Rhubarb! Love it!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  20. Rhubarb is so sweet. I love it. And all of its nicknames are sweet too. How creative!

  21. Lol at the whole post, you name your baby what you want to even if its Rhubard

  22. In Belgium the story always pops up that some acquatance of the neighbours's friend (you know via via via) have named there son Peter when the family name would be Celie. ... you have to know that 'peterselie' (cfr Peter Celie = same pronounciation) is parseley. I suppose it is not the most aweful word, yet it would still cause a lot of remarks and jokes etc...

  23. I think we already had this conversation... obviously I like Roo!

    KSL- when I lived in Memphis, there were two supermarket workers whose names were Vulva and Chlamydia. No joke.

  24. Did I miss something?? You aren't pregnant are you?? I didn't think you were until reading Mimi's Toes comment. So now I'm wondering!! Are you? :)

    Your baby - your name!! You are definitely the kind of Mommy who could get away with a name that unique! It wouldn't be on my list but I LOVE the way it brings in two family names!! That I LOVE!!
    I've considered Ashlynn if we have another girl (not pregnant now). My mom's name is Lynda and MIL is Ashley. So I love the two blended names idea!!

  25. Oh Steph!! I LOVE Rhubarb for a little girl!! Call her Rhu (Roo) TOO CUTE!!

  26. I say go for it! I thought for some reason it sounded familar, and I was telling hubby about it today and he said, "Does she know who Rhubarb Jones is?" He was/(still is?) a local radio personality. And there's Rue McClanahan (not sure I spelled the last name right!) from Golden Girls. So it's not that far out there!

    Wanna here CRAZY? My parents joke that when I was born they wanted to name me Ima Do. The really bad thing is, my maiden name (which was totally embarassing in itself) was Hickey. So I would have been Ima-do-hickey! So glad they weren't serious!

    I think Rhubarb would be cute. But ever since I read this, I've been singing the song about rhubarb pie being a hot commodity! (By Laurie Berkner)

  27. Rhubarb? You are totally crazy. TOTALLY!

    And I think my daughter fits her name, but I regret naming her it. We had picked out a different yet similar one and then I changed it right at the last minute and now I regret it. DARN IT.

  28. I'm usually a lurker, but I had to point out that I actually grew up with a girl named Rhubarb.

    Rhubarb Jane, actually. We called her RJ or Rhu.

    And, now that I have consulted the yearbooks for verification, her brother was Jonah and her two sisters were Hannah Sage and Abigail.

  29. I love the comment Jennifer made...so funny and entertaining..and I like the spelling Rhu...

  30. I know someone named Rhuann who goes by the nickname Rhu.

    Rhuann Barbara. Then your family nick for her could still be rhubarb. HA!

  31. My inlaws gave each other "the look" when we announced our baby boy would be called "Zane".

    My family adored it. My first is a very common name, Nick. And, as much as I love my "Nicky" I'll avoid common named for any possible future children.

    I just prefer to more unusual names. My hubby has a very common name...my "real" name is Janelle, but my nick-name "Nell" is what I am usually called by friends...online and off.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed having a name that almost no one else had. In fact, in all my life I've only known 3 other Janelle's.

  32. Tazo is lovely but it reminds me of chai, too much. I wanted to name The Boy Tavish, which I still think is a handsome and odd little name.
    Rhubarb, eh? I don't know. It actually might be a funky little middle name, but it's not the prettiest sound in the world. But I do LIKE Rhubarb, so the name is oddly evocative.

  33. Deladumone is also a "common unusual" name... according to my mom, who worked high risk labor and delivery.

  34. I wanted to name my daughter Aimee Rhubarb Ray. But my husband said no so we had to have Aimee Rose Ray. Rhubarb rocks. I'd definitely push for it again if we had another.


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