May 6, 2007

Update!! Baby & Contest!

This update has been updated!*

My niece Abby is doing well. I think you commenters in the last post got it right- pyloric stenosis- thank you for helping us out on it! And right now the doctors think she is ok and might not need anything more than a special formula. (She is formula-fed.) They are still keeping her overnight and will make a final decision tomorrow. I appreciate your conintued prayers!

P.S.! My sister-in-law DID say that the one thing that made baby feel better was wearing her in the sling!!!

Also, the Bloggers Without Makeup contest ends tomorrow morning at 9 AM! I'll draw two random numbers from all the participants in the Mr. Linky and announce the winners! There's still time to join in until then!

*Winners have been chosen!
*Also, just got news that little Abby will be going home from the hospital today. She does not need surgery!


  1. One of my friends' babies had that, and she is FINE. Completely fine. I'm glad she's doing better!

  2. JC had that as well. 3 weeks old to the day he did have to have surgery. It was scary! But he did fine, the next day he was so much better, the food went down! For the first 3 weeks of his life it was nothing but projectile vomiting,8 ounce bottles and weight loss. But as all of his pictures show, he's fine! I wish Abby well and that mommy and daddy get some rest too!

  3. Definitely hope they don't have to do surgery! Keep us posted!

  4. aren't slings a Godsend?? I so love mine!!! PS is not fun.. it usually comes in first born sons, right? I hope the new formula helps.. can she get to a milk bank?? I know it's like gold but maybe it will help?? Would the mom consider starting to nurse or pump to get breastmilk?

  5. I'm glad she's doing well. I'm sad I haven't been able to join in this contest but I hope there will be more in the future!

  6. Praying that she will be able to come home today and the p/s can be treated in ways other than surgery!

  7. Good to hear she won't need surgery! I hope the special formula helps- I too am curious is the mama would relactate. I guess if it's a dairy allergy though, she'd have to give up dairy!

  8. I'm glad everything is alright with your baby niece! I was unable to comment yesterday, for some reason I'm having probs with my wireless card, and I can only get online for short periods! Ugh!


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