May 10, 2007

trompe l'oeil

Bonus points to whoever understands my title.

My eye is ok. Thanks for the well wishes. It is still a bit tender today. Will probably wear a helmet to bed tonight.

It's been a lovely, productive day and every dish in our house is clean- meaning our cupboards are now bursting. Not everything fits when it is all clean. Hmmm.

Ashlee & I were planning to take the little ones to the circus (non-animal) tonight but we're both feeling a bit out of it. And then I thought, why should I pay for a non-animal circus when I can see one for free right here at home? Actually right now I am willing to pay to be able to leave this non-animal circus.


  1. Trick the eye? hmmm... I want cookies ;)

  2. Awe, Ashlee beat me to it!! I know exactly what you mean about the circus at home! We've got a house full of clowns!!

  3. fool the eye. A painting technique

  4. *raises hand* I know!!

    I hear ya! Why pay for the circus when it's free at home! LOL

  5. I never took French. It's French right??? :) HA!

    Yeah, why go watch a loud show with music??? I'd go to a quiet coffee shop instead!

  6. Yup, fool the eye! Learned that in interior design class :)

    Let's hear it for animal-free circus! The Cruelest Show on Earth makes me want to hoard all the elephants to keep them safe.


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