May 25, 2007

Thank You For Waking Me Up At 5 a.m. Again

I've been up since 5 a.m.

All week Gray has been waking me up early. Same old sleepy story today.
After a couple books were read and I wished I could get back to sleep, I decided we should just take a walk. So we did. It had been raining but the rain had just stopped and I bundled us up for the chilly dawn. I soon realized that this was like, the best idea ever. Gray absolutely loves birds- and right about then there were birds everywhere with their heads cocked toward the ground, finding worms, singing songs.

When we got home I was energized and decided to vacuum all the baseboards. Yeah- at 6 in the morning. Hubby & my older boys slept right through it all. It was while I was vacuuming that Gray decided to shampoo the hallway carpet with an almost-full bottle of California Baby bubble bath. If you've ever used it, you know how expensive that is. But, what can you do.

As I was cleaning it up, I realized that 1) now our hallway has the aroma of chamomile, mandarin, and rosewater 2) cleaning up bubble bath from the carpet just makes more bubbles and 3) I should just use this to mop the kitchen floor- which I did.

I started another contest today and for a fleeting moment I thought: I hope people don't get annoyed with all my contests coming up ('cause I have quite a few more good ones for you...) and then I thought: contests are fun! You don't mind, do you? It seems like everyone's got a giveaway and this is good!

The latest one I must get in on is at Pinks & Blues- you could win a Dooney & Bourke summer handbag and Victoria's Secret perfume! Check it out!

So- everyone's having contests and that's a good thing, & all my floors are clean today. Well, were clean. Twice Noah yelled "Mom, Gray's got the ketchup again." It's nearing the end of the day now and, well, I'll just do it all again tomorrow.


  1. Contests are GREAT!!

    I hope you're able to catch up on some sleep over the weekend!! Glad you were at least able to get out for a good walk and clean up a little! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. Matt was always my early bird and still is. He still wakes well before 7am, but he knows to turn the TV on himself without waking us on the weekends. :)

    I remember when Steve spilled a little Abercrombie/Fitch cologne in our old home's bathroom. It was strong at first, but then left a nice aroma for weeks...maybe months!

    I'll pray for a sleeping in morning soon!!!

  3. It's funny how very very early in the morning can start just feeling like normal life - before I was all "There's a five in the morning now?" but now I get up at that time almost every morning and I do not die.

  4. Whoa. That's quite a morning! But what a SWEET boy, to let you get a lovely morning walk and so much cleaning done!

  5. Mmmmm..I bet that hallway smells sooo good!! haha. I would never have thought to take a walk at 5 in the morning! I would have laid in bed with and had theBeast watch a movie! LOL.

  6. I think we can all agree that contests are great!

    I understand the early mornings. At least your carpet smells good! :-)

  7. Kudos to you for taking a walk at 5a.m.!! I would have (lost my temper~LOL) put his butt back in the bed!!

    [of course while feeling bad(and sleeping!)]

    OOOhhh yea I LOVE to enter contest!!!

    Almost like gambling but no risks!!!
    . . .am i gonna win. . .NOPE. . .am I gonna Loose. . .maybe!LOL

  8. Are you crazy? Who doesn't LOVE a contest?

    And I gotta say - you are one FANTASTIC mama for going for a walk at five and then vacuuming at six. Seriously, amazing.

  9. Sounds like you had an eventuful day...shampoo, birds, ketchup...hehe :) Kids are so funny! And I'm definitely not getting annoyed with all your contests...they are SUPER fun...keep them comin'! :)

  10. Early morning walks ARE energizing, although I've never been drawn to vacuum the floorboards as a result of one!

  11. LOL...I just finnished doing dishes, sweeping and moping my kitchen, dining room, and 6am. LOL When the children are sleeping, more work seems to get done! Funny how that happens, huh?

    And, I used the Method Omop. My 3 yr old decided to pour half a bottle of the cleaning solution on my floor and "mop" it. When I discovered them, she was "mopping" while my 1 yr old was crawling through the mess. are so much fun, huh?

  12. I wish I could go on early morning walks! Nothing like getting your heart pumping to amp up the rest of your day!

  13. Ahh, the 5 am wake-up. We've been doing that lately too, although I'm NOT mopping floors by 6 am. Way to be productive!

    And as for contests, keep 'em coming. You are my must-check-site for the funnest stuff ever!

  14. What a busy busy morning, you make me tired!

    Contests are the best!

  15. I think your should count it as aromatherapy for your whole family. ;) Too bad the ketchup didn't come before the bubble bath...

  16. The best time of the day is early morning but it is the hardest to get up for so thank Gray for doing you a favor. Sometimes what seems lot a not so good thing becomes a blessing. Look what all you got done before anyone else (besides Gray) was up to interrupt you. You also had the wonderful aromatherapy of chamomile to mellow you out. Plus you didn't even have the time to dread doing it. Then you had the rest of the day to experience the satisfaction of getting all that work done.

  17. I tell ya I loved your story about the birds and walking so early. I love the early morning it.

  18. Oh my word we use that (Overtired and cranky is my fav!!) what a wonderful outlook - my son awoke at 6 a few mornings ago and I wish I had done this. Instead I let it make me a tad crabby and overly emotional - or maybe it's the hormones too!!!

    Ah, what a refreshing outlook you have!!!!

  19. Forget the contests, check out your new look. I LOVE your design!!!
    P.S. OK, so don't forget the contests.. :-)

  20. Yikes, a whole bottle of CA Baby! I can't even imagine how fun that was to clean up.

    At least the house smells yummy, right? Sounds like you have quite the little helper!

  21. Just stumbled upon your blog. A really great read. Sorry to hear about your sleepless night(s). Good luck cleaning up after your little one. I've got one on the way and can tell I have a lot of fun stuff to look forward too. I'm personally looking forward to the 5am nights, which would be lucky I'm sure.


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