May 11, 2007

She Gets What She Wants

*Updated! See pic below...

For Mother's Day I want a new swing for our backyard. You know, those nice ones with the canopy and a soft-cushioned seat. I want one in a nice pa
ttern and long enough to stretch out my legs. I love to knit or read while the boys play on a nice summer day. Our current swing has bit the dust, so a new one is the perfect Mother's Day gift for me.

On our way home from dinner last night we had time to stop in a store that I'd seen a swing in a pattern I liked. There were two to choose from and
one was small and kinda ugly not my style. But it was on sale for $149 and that was kinda in our price range. The much larger one was exactly what I had in mind, and in a nice pattern. I imagined it was much more expensive, but it didn't have a price tag. I was off to find someone to help me and hubby was off with the kids to the pool tables and jacuzzis.

A wonderful lady approached me and told me that the swing I liked so much was $299 new, but I could have the display model for $35. Excuse me?
Thirty-five dollars? (I said it slowly.) Then I actually said, "It's mine!" or "I'll take it!" or something like that. It's still all a blur to me.

I could have also named my blog Adventures In Unbelievable Bargains. I'll have to tell you about them sometime. God has truly blessed me in this area!

Apparently underneath the cushion there is some threading starting to separate. But if you have the cushion on, you do not see this and the swing still functions just as it should. And it's a nice swing. All $299 worth of it! Before I even figured out h
ow we were going to get it back to our house and before I even told hubby about the incredible deal, the swing was mine. All mine. And it will be coming home to me today. (Please pray that it fits in my dad's truck!) Happy Mother's Day to me!

P.S. It fit!!!


  1. Wow! That is SO nice!!! I've always dreamed of having a swing like that. Right now, though, we live in an apartment so a swing is out of the question. But someday...

  2. What a blessing! Wow! That was a great deal. Happy Mothers Day!

  3. wow... congratulations. A nice swing is one of those things that is essentially summer.

  4. I never, never, never get lucky like that.

    Here is how my luck goes: I find the swing I like, you know, the ONLY one I like. I ask how much it is. They say that they are sold out, and "NO" you can't buy the display. :)

    Have a Happy Mothers Day Steph!!

  5. I love great deals!!!

    Happy Mother's Day.

  6. You are soo blessed! And you should be since you're such a blessing to others!

  7. OH, and you know when it gets all set up we expect to see pictures of you knitting on it! lol

  8. Awesome! Happy Mother's Day! I love my swing! I just go and swing on it and its so relaxing! :) I do need a one with a cushion though!

  9. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  10. Wow! YOu are lucky but it is well deserved. You see, that swing was meant to be yours!

    I am so very envious .... (insert a wink with grin here)

  11. Frugal Victory!!!

    That is awesome...Happy Mom's Day!

  12. you are hilarious!!!
    and what a bargain...i think its one of the greatest feelings in life!
    happy swingin'


  13. Woo hoo! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  14. That's AWESOME! I'm not even gonna lie I got my grandmother one off the curb from our old neighborhood. Day before trash pick-up. I really didn't feel bad b/c I knew they had gotten a new one and well Nanna thinks ALL trash is TREASURE!LOL

  15. perfect! $35 is amazing! :)


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