May 1, 2007


What could possibly be pink at my house- the den of all boys? Well, unfortunately, little boy eyes... Noah & Carter are both getting over a bout of pink eye. Until now Noah's had perfect attendance all school year! Poor thing- the other day he looked like Hitch!

And speaking of pink eye, I mean, pink i... something pink and very cheery is now in my possession. Something you should put at the top of your Mother's Day wish list right this second!

It's Best Buy's Apple iPod nano and Chocolate Gift Set- available in stores May 6.
  • Features a pink or silver 4GB Apple iPod nano, slim enough to fit in your pocket, purse or palm
  • Includes a variety of pink-foiled milk chocolate meltaways- hello!
  • Packaged in a mod polka-dot-patterned box- how cute is that?
  • Price: $214.99
  • Available in Best Buy stores beginning May 6!
I was quite thrilled to receive the pink one. That means it's all mine! Hubby was hoping for the silver one, of course!

It seems as though my boys think they are off the hook now for Mother's Day- look at Noah
here taking all the credit. Not so fast...


  1. I had a hard time looking at that new iPod with Noah smiling so cute!! :) Tell those pink eyes to hit the road!!

  2. How did you get a free I-pod?!

  3. How cute is that :-)
    I already got my mothersday gift.. its being made.
    Im getting a Ball Baby Overall or maybe its called Baby Ball Overall. Any how. thats my gift :-D

  4. oh and i like how u matched his shirt w/ the pink ;--)

  5. I am sooooo envious!! I'll have to send my hubby the link to this post with a little "hint, hint" nudge!

    - Audrey, Pinks & Blues Girls

    PS - I'm a Mommy to three boys, too!! No pink in my house (yet, anyway!), whatsoever - all blue!!

  6. Awwww, poor babies. I hope they get over it fast - that is no fun at all!

    Cool new toy! Aren't you lucky! I'd settle for just the chocolate! ;)

  7. Yucky pink eye, pretty pink ipod!

  8. awe... no pink eye.. stinky poopy hiney (as my 3 year old would say)

    I also have all boys, and will not have girls, therefor i have grown fond of the color's pink and lavender even though i was not big fans of them.. I even wear them now.. :-) Congrats on getting ipod nano.. that's so cool!!!

  9. is this one of the perks from Google?

  10. Is this another one of your free pleasetrymeout things? It must be rough. :)

  11. Oh wow! A pink i-pod...Just what this girl has been dreaming of.

    Good luck with the yucky pink eye.

  12. I already got my gifts too! Some Du Wop lip lip venom ( or and a new cute diaper bag!

    How do you get all this free stuff??? I'm so jealous! LOL!

  13. Just beginning to learn about iPods, so thanks for the great pink tip! I am 54 and a Grandma to 7, so I guess I'm not doing too badly!
    Sharon at Pinks & Blues

  14. I'm so jealous! Happy Mother's Day!

  15. yay for the ipod - i have a blue one - an xmas gift from my sweetie and i love it! a great gift suggestion

    so sorry to hear about pink eye in your home - hey, wait a minute, how did you avoid getting it? i always fall victim whenever the kids bring it home. no fair! :O)

  16. I need to learn how to get free stuff, what's your secret?

    Cute ipod, but the holder is much much cuter!

  17. So glad you got one! How fun. :)

    Your little guy is sooooo cute!!!

  18. Ugh. Pinkeye. No fun!

    I tell you, the contests over at 5 Minutes for Mom are getting better and better, aren't they? Susan and Janice are amazing.

  19. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on all the fun stuff we can win!! You are the one-stop blog shop, you are entertaining and informative!

  20. I had the word Pink in my title today too. But for a completely different reason! Thanks for letting us know about the contest...I totally signed up :)

  21. I love the new look! Been away from the computer a week or so, trying to catch up.

    Hope to see you tomorrow night.


  22. I want a pink i-pod! But with my luck, my kids will all get pink eye again. Bleh.

  23. Awww, so cute, you match your iPods to your infections :)

    Hope the boys' pink eye clears up soon and you enjoy your iPod. Cute pic!

  24. Awesome! :o) I hope everyone's getting well over there.


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