May 19, 2007

Pink Is Not My Favorite

A couple weeks ago I didn't mind so much that my three boys had pink eye because that is also the same time I got my wonderful pink iPod. Then last week I got kicked in the eye in the middle of the night by my wild-sleeping monkey-child toddler. Not so fun- my puffy eye.

And now as I type I am being called Cyclops by my hubby (as in "hey, Cyclops, how you doin' over there?) -
I have pink eye! Moms aren't supposed to get this! Are we?

I took a picture and IM'ed Lori (the one person I knew wouldn't be grossed out) and even she told me to put that thing away!

Today is our big
Walk. And we are going- monster eye and all. We've raised money and everything (we have raised a lot more- not everything is totaled yet), and we always go to the zoo afterward and we are not missing this!! The weather is supposed to be beautiful- I'm planning to wear a big hat and glasses. Hopefully I won't scare any kids (I've already scared my own.) Am I being irresponsible for going out in public with pink eye? I need to look this stuff up.

In the meantime, you can read Noah's story here and also about him in the news recently. Be sure to enter my awesome Mason & Matisse contest here, and pray that they don't put me in the zoo today...


  1. UGH! I can totally sympathize, I ghet pink eye at least once a year or whenever my kids come in contact with it.
    A beautiful for the walk, enjoy yourself and feel better!

  2. You poor thing! I've only had it once but the experience was memorable. Nah I don't think going out is irresponsible. Just think of all the space people will give you...:-)

  3. Kathy/lessons from the laundryMay 19, 2007 5:46 PM

    I've been coming to your site for a couple of months and never knew that your little Noah dealt with a seizure disorder. My youngest, 5 1/2, has a mitochondrial disease and has had seizures everyday since she was a few months old. The keto diet isn't an option for her, but a holistic diet has kept her healthy. Her original diagnosis was to live 2 years. After putting her on a special diet, she's done great!!

    Anyway...about the pink eye. I've had it once as a mom. My friend, as she dropped her two year old off for me to watch, "The doctor says the pink eye is beyond the contageous state." Me two days later, with fifty people about to arrive for my Christmas party, "OH MY eye feels like it is falling out." Pink eye stinks!!

    Blessings to you.


  4. Not fun, not cool. I hope you get better soon!

  5. Pink eye is very contagious, but as long as your not rubbing your eye and then rubbing some kids eye, I think you'll be fine going out! Hope the walk went great!!!

  6. Yeah, girl, seriously....that was just scary! :) Even I had to look away! You know those photos in medical journels next to the condition? That picture should be next to "the most hideous pink eye ever".

    Glad the walk went well. :) Love you guys!!!


  7. You poor thing! I totally feel for you! Hope you heal completely ASAP!

  8. Is Gray still nursing? Breastmilk in the eye really helps. Pink eye is noooo fun!

    I hope your walk went well, and that your eye is feeling better!

  9. OH, Pink eye sucks!! I hope your day went awesome! Noah's story is such an amazing testimony!

  10. Aw, I really hope your eye is getting better soon.

    Don't miss my contest!


  11. Hey Stephanie! I hope your walk goes well, and that you guys have tons of fun at the Zoo! Pink eye is never fun, I know that I've had it before too..I hope it gets better soon, I'll be prayin' for you!!!

  12. Oh girl you can get it. As a teacher I got it a LOT. LOL... i just used my son's drops and I was set.

    As for the walk, how rad!!!!

    Sorry about the eye :[

  13. Hope your eye is lookin' and feelin' better SUPER soon! I've never had pink eye...and hopefully it never decides to pay me a visit! :) But anyways, hope the walk and all was fun too!

  14. OMGoodness. Poor thing! I read this post right after you posted, but I couldn't figure out how to comment. There were none yet and no click here to comment thingie. Hmmm.. but, hope your eye is better! I was going to say just wear big glasses! LOL!

  15. I hope you have fun at the walk and the zoo, pink eye and all!!

    I think I had pinkeye when I was a kid. Not fun. You poor thing!!

  16. I got pinkeye this week too, but mine was a pretty minor case. The strange thing is that no one else I know (including my little one) had it, so I have no idea where I picked it up. Thankfully my husband and daughter haven't caught it (yet....). Just wash your hands obsesively and try not to touch your eyes.

    Hope the walk and zoo was fun!

  17. You can bet we're all learning about ketones now. With a Type I diabetes diagnosis for our Cameron, it's just one of many things we have to be very aware of.

    Pink eye is so contagious, it's almost a miracle if it doesn't go through the whole family when one person gets it. I remember when Mandy was little and had it, I managed not to catch it from her but I washed my hands so much they almost shriveled up and I made a very conscious to keep my hands away from my face. It's just the most awful stuff. Thank goodness it's easy to cure.

  18. If I say it it will come. . .Pink_ _ _ ahhhh!! Lydia my baby sitter had it for like two weeks...ahhh I'm getting a visual of my kids getting it! It really does suck!! I'm a germ I sprayed the good ol lysol and gave her the boot as soon as she came in the house with it!!!


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