May 11, 2007

My Mom Rocks

I entered a contest to win my mom free jewelry over at Designing Diva. I didn't win (pouty face & sticks out bottom lip), but wanted to share my entry anyway...

My Mom, who took the youth group kids tee-peeing when I was little, rocks.

My Mom, who laughs until she cries and has to cross her legs, rocks.

My Mom, who is "up for anything" at all times, rocks.

My Mom, who was dared to go out in the snow in her bathing suit and photograph it this winter (and did), ROCKS.

My Mom, who puts everyone before herself, rocks.

My Mom, who is now the coolest Grandma Mimi (and has her own blog), rocks.

My Mom, who is in her fifties but lives like she's still a teenager, rocks.

My Mom, who taught me the importance of being adventurous and daring, rocks.

My Mom, who raised me to be an independent woman (and now I'm a Rockin' Mom myself), rocks.

My Mom, who doesn't even realize how much she's capable of and how much of an imprint she's left on the lives of others... ROCKS!


  1. So sweet! You are so blessed to have such an amazing mama! I'm off to visit her blog!

  2. Trust me it was a hard decision with so many heartfelt entries....and I read everyone often with my heart strings being tugged! You still have a chance to win free jewelry from the Designing-Diva; I have a contest in association with 5 Minutes for Mom where you can win a selected jewelry set or a $75 gift certificate. Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!!!


  3. As someone who uses the phrases "Rock on," all the time (and I feel really silly about doing it!), this is a perfect use of the word. Sounds like your mom rocks on, big time. Thanks for sharing the love! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  4. I hope you know how very lucky you are to have a mama like that. :)

    (and I haven't commented since you changed your blog, but it is GORGEOUS!)

  5. She really does rock! I went to her blog to tell her so. And I love that photo of her in her swimsuit!

  6. Sweet post!!! It almost makes me feel proud about your mom :)

  7. Your mom sounds like she has always been there for you in life and that is the best gift any mother could give her daughter!

  8. Tee-peeing!! I have not thought of that in years! That just brought a big smile to my face. I can vouch for your mom. She does rock. :)
    I didn't know she has a blog, too! I just checked it out.

  9. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother. She sounds like an amazing Mom! She certainly is a ROCKIN' Mom!!

    And I'm so impressed that she keeps her own blog!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hey, by the way, check out the radio interview we had with OUR Mom today - it's over at our blog!!

  10. I couldn't agree more :) She's a special lady!

  11. Awww...happy Mother's Day to you and your Mama!

  12. Thank you, my precious daughter, Steph! I love you so much. We did have fun didn't we? I do try to live life to the fullest and I am sooooo proud of the Mother you have become. You are MY inspiration as well. I feel like I DID win the contest by reading your entry....Love, Mom

  13. Well no wonder YOU rock, with a rockin' mama like that!

  14. hey that's really creative!! i didn't win either.

    happy HAPPY mother's day!

  15. I think that your entry was terrific. Whoever won over you must have quite an extraordinary one. However, I know that to your mom this was the winner.

    Happy Mother's Day to both of you!!

  16. What a great tribute to your mom. She does rock!!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  17. She sounds like a blast! Like Mother, Like Daughter.


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