May 5, 2007

Messages In Motion

I've found a whole new way to send e-cards! At you can turn your favorite photos into cinematic greetings. Greetingflix allows users to insert their own photographs into captivating, pre-edited video “flix” that celebrate love, friendships, holidays, events and more. Perfect for Mother's Day coming up next week (I just had to make one for my mom. Love you mom!)

Basic use of the site is free, while “Pro” users enjoy a higher photo storage capacity and access to exclusive Pro-only flixes for a low annual fee. Choose an occasion and template, then upload your photos right into the greeting. You can even personalize it and write your own special message at the end. If you opt for the Pro membership you can do the baby announcement which is just absolutely darling.

I found the Greetingflix site very user-friendly with easy steps to create a beautiful e-greeting. You can email your greeting to any email address and it also gives you the code to copy it onto any website. I hope as Greetingflix grows that they'll offer more templates and occasions for both the Basic and Pro packages.

Please check them out and let me know what you think! If you post one on your blog, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

And don't forget that the Bloggers Without Makeup contest is still going on! Be sure to visit all the participants and admire their fabulously fresh faces!


  1. I'm already way too hormonal, but I got tears! That is very sweet.

  2. Oh Steph .. that was truly beautiful! I was in tears as soon as I saw the first picture! You certainly have a beautiful mother and a gorgeous family!!

    Thank you for the link! I will definitely be visiting that site and trying to do something similar!!

  3. OMGosh that made me cry! What is your mom going to do when she sees it?

  4. How fun is that! I want to make one now :-) it came out great.

  5. What a neat idea. I'm sure your mom will love it!


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