May 7, 2007

I Was Dancing

In my dream, just before I woke up a few minutes ago, I was dancing a whole choreographed dance in a store while shopping for a little red handbag. I was really good (at dancing) and the bag was really cute, too. (For more of me & choreographed dancing, go here.)

Then I woke up to the phone ringing- my brother calling to see if we can bring them a baby blanket and sleeper for Abby at the hospital. Still no news on what's going to happen today.

I'm rubbing my eyes, trying to wake up. I'll be naming two winners in about an hour & a half. So I promise I won't go back to sleep...


  1. the video was cute :-)

    so is your neice Abby ok then and doesn't need surgery? I hope so..

    God bless,

  2. What a fun dream! Only in my dreams could I be a dancer!

  3. when I dream, I'm a pro volleyball or basketball player - all 5' 4" of me :)

  4. OH my.. too funny.. wonder what all that meant???

  5. I'll be praying for Abby, I hope it's nothing more then a formula issue.

  6. I love it when I can dance or sing with real talent in my dreams... I feel like I can do anything when I dream like that!

  7. You must have had some chocolate last night before bed! :)

  8. Was it more Ginger Rogers or Margot Fontaine!


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