May 27, 2007

updated- Giving In (Or Alternately Titled: I'm Bringing Cankles Back)

(updated with a definition below)

I was tagged for this meme several times and it's been a while... so I kinda lost track of who tagged me. is the latest to tag me and finally I'm giving in, so here I go...

8 Things About Me:

1. I have never seen Grey's Anatomy. Or ER. I don't do hospital shows ever.

2. Apparently Noah Wyle's character on ER is Dr. Carter. I have sons named Noah, Carter, & Gray. It's been assumed that I just must love hospital shows. Ironic.

3. Someday I think I might want to finish college and become a ketogenic dietician. Or definitely be an advocate for the keto diet to make it more available all over the world.

4. Someday I also would like to be a doula.

5. If we ever have another baby, we will have a homebirth*.

6. Gap's Long & Lean jeans are my favorite.

7. I never wear shorts. Ever. Not even to bed. I have cankles. No matter if I am a size 6 or a size 2 with super skinny legs. It's hereditary and I've just recently decided to accept this fact.

8. I bought two pair of long shorts today. You know the ones that are 'in' right now and go to the knee? They are really cute and quite fashionable. I'm bringing cankles back.

Definition from the Urban Dictionary:

The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight gain and improved in appearance only by boots.

I couldn't have said it better.

*unless we decide not to. : )


  1. I so don't think you have cankles! I am loving the long shorts though (I NEVER wear them either, until now) although, I decided that my behind looks enormous in mine, so I asked David for his opinion and he said that they're cute but kind of make it look like I have a "mom butt". Yeah, won't be wearing those again!

  2. I never, ever wear shorts. I wear skirts, which has the bonus of making me feel o, so ladylike AND hiding MY cankles.
    Fun list.

  3. I'm surprised at how many people don't wear shorts. I do. I quite like them on a hot day.

    I liked your list! I actually had to look cankles up. Never heard of that before.

  4. Ok, you and Ashlee are both crackin' me up!! Haha! I don't wear shorts either. I wear capris all summer long. Today I put on a pair of the maternity shorts you lent me and said to theFM "don't I look weird in shorts?" and he said "yeah, and you kinda look like you could use some sun." haha, with your cankles and my powdery white legs, we make quite the pair!

  5. I am new to reading your blog and linked to it from Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. What a great site you have. Love your meme list. I too have cankles, and it's totally hereditary. What can you do but embrace it I Oh and I also LOVE Gap long and lean. I have short legs, but I like how the long and lean make me feel like the description.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog entries.

  6. I'm sure you work those cankles like nobody's business, baby! I have thick ankles (well, thicker than I'd like) and I'm always so envious of people who have skinny ankles. But like you, I've begun the process of accepting my body with all its flaws!! It's really amazing that every woman has SOMETHING about their bodies that they'd change if they could - even the ones with the "perfect" bodies!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  7. Steph, I'll have to read up on your sons diet.

    I'm a huge advocate of the Candida diet myself. Most people don't know anything about it or how terrible and overgrowth of Candida is on the human body.

    After months of bad health that only got worse with time and being told over and over again that nothing was wrong, I was just the mom of two boys, or was depressed I took my health in my own hands.

    I'm about to put my son in the diet as well. I'm the biggest believer now that many health problems are directly related to how we treat/feed our bodies & changing our diet and lifestyle can help/cure!

    I did read about Noahs story and I have to give you credit for sticking to your guns even when the doctor dismissed your interest in the diet.

    We usually have to be our own advocates I've come to realize.

    Anyways, it was fun reading your 8 things...thanks for playing the game ;) I'm going to click the link you put in this post and read more about the diet you son was on.

  8. Wanna hear something strange...or maybe from God????

    I was thinking about you and the word "doula" came up. I am not sure what I was doing, but it was a strong feeling. (I am not one to have impressions all the time.) HUM???? I was going to share it, but forgot about it, then I read this. Interesting.....

  9. PS Loving' the long/burmuda shorts too!!!

  10. You're so funny, I love the new shorts and the new longer length, but I haven't tried them, yet. And, I've seen your ankles and I don't recall seeing cankles. crazy girl.

  11. I have also never seen greys anatomy, not even one episode. With my children never sleeping and cartoons on all the time, i could never be dedicated to watching something at the same time every week, so why try!

  12. I'm taking baby steps toward becoming a doula, with an eye towards becoming a direct-entry'll take a loooong time, but I'm cool with that.

    I have yet to be able to go to a birth, but when the right birth comes, the Lord will work it out.

    Homebirth RAWKS!

  13. I'm not really a shorts person either. I also just recently purchased the long shorts that are "in". I felt "in" wearing them too.

    I think that going back to school for that specific profession is fabulous...hold on to that goal!


  14. Lovin' the long shorts too. And what the heck are cankles?

  15. Ha! Ha! Love the last two! I seriously doubt you have cankles! Ha! I haven't worn shorts since Bubbie was born. Too many stretch marks on my thighs! Not pretty! I wear skirts, dresses and capri pants! Ha! :)

  16. I wanna be a doula, too! OH I loved your answers (and your blog!)~we have a lot in common! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  17. Bring 'em back, sista! Bring 'em back!

  18. Not a shorts fan over here. I only wear shorts at the beach. I prefer a flow-y, hippy skirt instead. No cankels, just thick pastey legs! LOL

  19. OK first what is the keto diet??? Second!!! I so wanted to be a doula too, but felt i should hold off until my own kids were a little older, I started doing the required reading and such and did register on the doula site...

    I dont like wearing shorts either but i do.. it's not for my ankles but rather because of my inner thighs.. :-) I love my hospital shows and that is hysterical that you named your kids huge hospital show names.

  20. I can't believe you wrote about Cankles! I seriously thought my husband had made that word up himself... all of his side of the family has them, and so do our kids. LOL!

  21. How funny. I'm plagued with cankles as well. I love the long shorts! And I love Long and Leans! They're they only jeans I buy. I love the idea about you becoming a ketogenic dietician. Very fun post.

  22. Thanks for the laugh! I haven't heard the word cankles for so very long!!

    Although I am not the prettiest in shorts, I often wear a lot of shorts because my inseam is so long. Pants and capris are truly a rarety for me.

    You go girl in pursuing your dreams. I think that you would be fabulous as both a ketogenic dietician and a doula!!

  23. I actually bought my first pair of shorts, since babies, this summer. I love the long shorts, it feels good to have another option other than skirts or capris!!

    Many blessings!

  24. Cackles.. LOL Im sure you dont! I hate shorts... but in NC where its SCORCHING HOT! You cant help but wear that, or skirts. I love knee high airy skirts (casual ones) .. they to me are cooler than shorts and look better. I have stick legs.. so I dont like them for other reason LOL.

    Im a huge capri girl although I hear in the fashion world thats against my fashion code to look TALLER.. cause im short your not suppose to wear Capris. WHATEVER. im wearing them :-) I dont care if it makes me look 4 inches short LOL
    Oh and I hate hospitals shows as well. Im a huge LOST fan tho..

  25. You really don't see many people with true cankles like you and I have (and I have looked) whenever I see someone with cankles I think they must be related to us someway. I have seen women who are truly way overweight and they have nice thin ankles. By the way where can you get boots to fit cankles? Also even with cankles, at your age and when I was very thin, I wore short shorts and really looked fine. Of course that was back when thin was not in and Marilyn Monroe figures were our dream. Marilyn was a size 14.

  26. My good friend's son is also on the keto diet. Our kids special needs teacher would forget and give him cookies! ARGGHHH!

    I accepted my cankles awhile ago. I have lovely veracious veins to pair with them and I still sport shorts, it's all about how you wear em - confidence hides a lot!

    oo and now it's your turn to enter a contest, I'm giving away an Amazon gift cert. It's a quicky contest so hurry over!

  27. Kathy/lessons from the laundryMay 28, 2007 11:23 AM

    Okay, I've got one for cankle lovers. I'm short and so is my friend. Her 13 year old daughter has a name for capris on short ladies....Capants.

    Any short lady who wears capris understands that you either hem them to make them look like capris or you look like you're wearing floods. NO, you're just sporting Capants.


  28. I don't have cankles. I have OLD LEGS. LOL Cankles have to be better.

    Who cares what your ankles look like. Wear those shorts! I have to admit, the only kind I wear are knee lenghth ones too. All my short shorts are history. LOL

    It is funny that you chose those names for boys. I can see where people would think that but really, who names their kids after TV shows!

    I named both my girls after country western singers. LOL

  29. Sorry you didn't get my skinny ankles Steph...but that is the only thing that's skinny about me..LOL. You look beautiful in my eyes, Cankles and all. I Love the idea of you becoming a keto dietician and I will babysit and support you in any way I can...

  30. LOL you're so funny but I always felt the same way about my cankles!! And I NEVER wear shorts except today I wore a long pair also and then bought another pair. But I think those are the only 2 shorts I've owned in the last 20 years. I'm a skirt girl but active boys are making it difficult to crawl around outside in skirts. I'm glad you brought cankles back, now I can wear shorts.

  31. I want to be a doula as well. Right now I am saving up to pay for the classes.

  32. I have cankles too and never knew there was a name for them. I love Gap long & lean jeans, too. I don't know why they are my favorite, but they actually make me feel taller :)

  33. Never heard of cankles before . . . learn something every day apparently. :)

  34. haha. i'm right there with you on 4,5, and 8. i did a homebirth with my first. totally my easiest birth!

  35. I was a doula and loved it! If not a home birth look into a birth center. They are great too! Did you have a midwife deliver your boys? Amy

  36. I guess it can count! ;-D If you want to be lazy or just can't think of 8 random facts....LOL!! {I'm kidding}

  37. yes it counts! even though it was before I "knew" you. :)

    i guess someone else just tagged you too. this meme has officially become a shameless hussy that gets around way too much!

    after my last birth i decided that i MUST be involved in birthin babies again somehow, and i think being a doula is probably best for me (no time to train as a midwife asst)

    that definition of cankles is seriously awesome. "...abrupt, nontapering terminus" is just...amazing. LOL

    (blogger won't let me log in at the moment!)

  38. I dont wear shorts either. I've never liked the way my thighs look, even when I had that high school rock hard body (dancer, cheerleader, etc).

    I would LOVE to have a homebirth too. I labored at home almost the whole labor with my last, and was MUCH more comfortable at home than at the hospital.


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