May 20, 2007

Dear God,

These are just some things on my mind tonight.

Thank you for healing Noah. At the Walk yesterday there were little kids and big kids in motorized wheel chairs. Kids with helmets. Parents with broken hearts. Although that is what doctors told us to expect with our Noah, You told us You had bigger plans.

Thank you for those plans.

I ask that you give every parent peace in their heart tonight. Whether they have a sick child or not, just give them hope that everything is going to be all right.

Please protect our country. Keep us safe and please help us bring our soldiers home to their families.

Spark a desire in the hearts of all people to find a way to reach out- in our own country and in other countries that desperately need our help.

Help me show others Your unfailing love.


  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt prayer! Such a blessing for me to read...

    Amen to all of it! (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you Stephanie...can I request you to pray for my heart. I am struggling right now...I need to forgive some people that are REALLY making it hard to forgive...I would appreciate the prayers.
    Thanks Girl!

  3. Amen! I agree 100%. I also have to add in a thank you for keeping me and my family healthy.

  4. Wonderful prayer... oh, and I wanted to tell you that my post on my in-laws was a joke. Yes, they gave the kids too much sugar, and I did ad-lib a little but we (in-laws and I) thought it would be funny to freak the rest of the family out! I've already had calls this morning asking me if I was aware that they read my blog. LOL! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I'm not a crazy person who talkes mean about people I love on my blog. :-)

  5. Amen, sistah! :) What a thoughtful prayer!

  6. Beautiful post.. Im so glad things are so well w/ Noah.

    Often I hear people ask for prayer to heal someone... or "the lord will heal them!" etc..etc.. but I think its important for us to know that even though the Lord may not heal... it doesnt mean that person was any less of a person or loved any less...

    My husband mom died of breastcancer before we started dating... I never got to meet her. She was only 52 yrs old...
    It killed her in less than 6 months.

    Throughout all her Chemo and suffering you never heard her complain once.

    People often thought "why her?!" we dont understand why... but we have to trust the Lord had a plan..
    was she any less of a godly woman? absolutely not! she was more of a woman than I can ever dream to be...

    We may not understand why some people have to be sick... get sick... suffer...etc... we just have to trust and have faith.

  7. Kathy/Lessons from the LaundryMay 21, 2007 8:23 PM

    Thanks for the beautiful prayer!


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