April 22, 2007

Still Spinning... and lots of pictures

Remember when you went to an amusement park riding roller coasters all day and then when you got home that night, when you closed your eyes, you felt like you were still riding the roller coasters, stomach dropping and head speeding and all?

That's me. Right now. And I didn't ride any roller coasters or go to any amusement park. It was just that busy of a weekend... but when I close my eyes, whoa... I'm still spinning!

Friday was such a busy errand day to prepare for an even busier Saturday. Then Friday afternoon Ashlee & I were off to visit with our blogging friends Lisa & Cara- meeting up for the first time! It was a blast and I only wish we had more time to visit, but you know how it is with toddlers! Here's pics of Gray, Xavier, Cricket, & Emma playing at the park.

And a photo (at least we tried) of all of us (left-right is Ashlee w/Xav, Cara w/Cricket, Lisa w/Emma, and Me w/Gray- you can see I'm trying to tell him a picture is taking place!)

Saturday morning was busy from the moment I woke up. We had
a lunch interview at Noah's favorite sandwich shop- our local newspaper is doing an article about Noah being off his special diet now and our upcoming Epilepsy Walk (Go Buddy Bears!) Then immediately after that we had more errands to do, then Noah and I went to one of his classmate's birthday party at a cool fun center where Noah won 172 tickets with which he picked two pair of vampire teeth and bags of fruit snacks for his brothers.

Right after the party we were off to get ready for a ball (like a dance-type black tie ball) that Jeff and I had to attend. The boys were off to Grandpa & Grandma's and were rushing off to our date- it was great! Here's us looking quite snazzy... me in my fabulous dress from Marshall's -$29.99, painful high heels- borrowed, and my vintage-y clearance jewelry from Tar-jay... I loved my outfit! And I must say we were one of the finest couples of the ball!

Sunday was church then an Earth Day celebration at the park then sandal
shopping for all three boys. At the Earth Day event Gray fell in love with Smokey the Bear. It was an instant attraction and a difficult separation... then off to shopping where sandals were found, and I even liked them (I am kid-shoe-picky), and they were on sale.

As the night comes to an end, I am trying to stop from spinning. It was good times, yes. I just might sit outside for a spell and do nothing. I
heart quiet moments and the slow life.


  1. That's a busy weekend, you head should be spinning!

    I love, LOVE your dress and you two were gorgeous!

  2. Busy weekend, WHEW! Mine was not nearly as exciting...

    Have a great week!

  3. Holy moly! It sounds just like my weekend. Run run run, no time to sit. But we had a great time too! We spent the afternoon shopping for shorts and shirts. No sandals, my boys won't wear them, but we did get flip flops! And last weekend we all got crocs. Well, me and the boys anyways. Just can't see my hubby in a pair of them. Let me know what you ended up getting. I knew you were looking for Gray.

  4. WOW!! What a fun and busy weekend. Love the pics, too. I was thinking my weekend was pretty cool, but now that I've read about yours I wish I could trade. =P

  5. WOW - that was BUSY!!! so glad you had such a great time!!!

  6. You guys looked GREAT! And Smokey The Bear looks a lot like my dad.

  7. We've had weekends like those.
    You guys look great!

  8. Ok -- the vampire teeth is hilarious. It's amazing how many tickets you need for CHEAP prizes!

    Date nights are the best!!

    This week I am off to buy those low wattage bulbs. Let the savings begin!!

  9. We've had a CUH-RAZY weekend too. You look GORGEOUS!

  10. I'm tired just reading that! You look great all dressed up!

  11. It takes all day Monday to recover from the weekend and get the house back in order...

    You looked great for the Ball. I wish I had something fancy to do, so that I could get dressed up!

  12. What a group of gorgeous blogging girls! WOW! You and your hubby look great!

    I hope today proves to be much calmer.

  13. That does sound like a busy weekend! Whew! How fun to meet blog friends. I hope I can do that some day.

    And you two are just a beautiful couple. You look GREAT! I can't remember the last time I really dressed up. I guess I should plan some kind of elegant date soon.

  14. You looked to be the Belle of the Ball! Hope you had a wonderful time. : )

  15. $29.99??? Wow, you got to love Marshalls!

    Sit down and have a cup of tea or something, my goodness! You are the busy beaver!

    Take care!

  16. I certainly hope you get some rest today! (And you look GORGEOUS in that dress!!!)


  17. Sounds like a busy, fun, crazy weekend. You look great in that dress! I love it. I may need to go visit Marshalls.

  18. Wow, you did have a busy weekend!! We were pretty relaxed around here. We were out late Saturday, which makes getting up for church hard, but we made it! Ha, like we had a choice! :)

  19. You look beautiful. I love that you guys get dressed up and go to balls. You're so fun. Sounds like a fun day. That's so cute about Gray and Smokey.

  20. You look awesome! Marshall's (and TJ Maxx) are like my favorite places for killer finds. Usually very unique things at crazy prices.

    Oh, what kind of sandals did you end up getting? I must know.

    We really enjoyed meeting you both as well, next time a longer vacation is in order and maybe a mom-only meetup so we can you know, talk.

  21. you two look freat together... absolutely gorgeous!!!

  22. look at all those cool mamas! :-)


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