April 1, 2007

Sanjaya Was In Goodwill

I was shopping at Goodwill the other day with my Mom & the three boys. On my list was a possible dress for Easter, shorts for Gray, and I had also promised the boys they could pick out a toy. This is the place to do that versus, say, Target because most of the toys here are fifty-cents or a dolllar at most!

Strolling down the aisle my mom whispers "I just saw Sanjaya." But my excited 6-year old that watches American Idol didn't "get" the whole whisper part and says so very loud "Sanjaya?! Where's Sanjaya!?" I Shhh him and my mom, who is now not helping things and laughing at him (encouraging him- thanks, Mom!) So I shuffle them all several aisles away from the Sanjaya look-alike. Noah still didn't get it. "Where's Sanjaya?"

Mind you, this was on Wednesday somewhere in Indiana, and that night was the live results show on American Idol. I promise you, it was not really Sanjaya. He could, however, easily be his twin. Apparently he worked there and apparently he overheard us (how could he not?) In the dress aisle he comes singing along and smiling, pretending to straighten the clothes or something. I think he was enjoying the attention. Now I wish I would have pulled the camera out of my purse and taken a picture. Oh well.

We did have a couple other big finds. A Darth Vader costume for $3, complete with helmet, cape, and working voice thingy to sound like Darth Vader. I also found several pairs of shorts for Gray, and two dresses for me! One is nice & simple from Ann Taylor Loft and the other will be my Easter dress!

And now I can't do a post about Sanjaya without linking to this hilarious bit about him on SNL last week...

Sanjaya, please do us all some good will and either start singing like you deserve to be in the Top 9 (I honestly think he may have it in him if he tried) or just stop the joking and go home already!


  1. Wow! Maybe it really was Sanjaya!
    Did he have his fauxhawk?
    You never know.

    I'm new to your blog. You're from Indiana? Me too! Only now I live in CA.

    Oh and Congrats on the Vader costume. That is a real score!

  2. Sanjaya at Goodwill in Indiana? I hope that his lookalike is enjoying the secondhand attention.
    I NEVER find anything good for myself at secondhand stores, and meanwhile my husband comes out with huge bagfulls of amazing stuff. What's with that?

  3. How funny! Have you seen this: http://www.votefortheworst.com/ ? I think that's the reason!!! I love him in the auditions I don't know what happened!

  4. So funny! Even the ordinary turns into some sort of an adventure with kids around! I'm amazed that Noah knows who Sanjaya is!!

  5. hahahaha...that SNL skit was hysterical. I still have it on my DVR. I'm gonna have to keep it and watch it again when I need a laugh!! The guy who does Simon Cowell on SNL cracks me up, too!!

  6. You're nice.
    I don't think Sanjaya has it in him. I say he goes home!

  7. it's all really ticking me off. i think that there is some website out there that wants you to vote for the worst amer. idol. in fact, i know there is. i just feel bad for those who are voted off who are actually really good singers and who deserve a chance.

    wow, don't get me started or anything, geez. :)

  8. I love the ole Goodwill--believe me, they are not all like the one where you live. The one here has NO shopping carts, does not accept debit cards/visa, and has no toys. Not a real kid friendly place there. I cannot even go there, b/c Zachary is running under all of the clothing racks hiding from me. Xander is bored cause there's no toys, and they really don't have nay good clothing, and no "Boutique" either! LOL!

    Sanjaya needs to go home. Cute kid, not Idol material though. :-)

  9. If he doesn't get voted off this week I'm throwing something big and heavy at my TV. 'nuff said.

  10. I never find anything good at the goodwill. Or garage sales either. I have a friend though that scores every time. No fair!

  11. There's been stuff about him on the AOL news line. That's the only way I found out about him.

    And to Robin, don't feel bad I never find anything either. It must be a talent we don't have.

  12. You got your Easter dress at the Goodwill??!!

    I guess it's totally inappropriate to propose marriage via a blog comment, so I will just profess my undying love and admiration for you instead.


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