April 20, 2007

Green Is My Signature Color

Green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. (Well, if you don't count the pink and purple stage I went through in 5th grade.) I have green eyes. I'm Irish. I used to drive a green Cavalier convertible...

This Sunday is Earth Day. What are you doing to celebrate? Of course our family has been adjusting our lives to make everyday Earth Day. Whether you take baby steps at making your life and home more earth friendly, or have already gone green, it should become part of your everyday life.

Our community is having an Earth Day festival- and we'll be there! Check to see if your neighborhood has something exciting going on to celebrate!

Take this quiz to see How Green Are You?

If you missed Oprah today, check out the episode again when it airs tonight. GREAT tips for going green, and why you should! And oh the power of Oprah! She introduced many earth friendly cleani
ng products that we love like Method (available at Target) and Seventh Generation (available at many grocery stores and Target.) So, today when I was just at Target, the lady in front of me had absolutely every product that Method makes in her cart. You think she just watched Oprah?

And an even more economical way is to use natural everyday items to make your own cleaning and beauty products. Sara at Walk Slowly Live Wildly has some awesome information about that, and just take a day to read all her blog posts for enlightenment on living a green life!

If you don't even know where to start, an easy first step is to bring your own bags!! To the grocery store, out shopping, getting take out, etc. Anyplace that you will be getting a bag! And yes, when I was just at Target, I brought my own bags! We love our ECOBAGS string bags (and they have an awesome special here to get them at a great discounted price!) But you don't have to buy these. You can use anything! Even if you just re-use your paper and plastic bags by bringing them with you! Or any old tote bag! I keep mine in my car at all times, and keep several in my Nest tote while I'm out.

When I go to the grocery store, I bring my string bags and place them on the conveyor belt before I unload my groceries. Usually they already know that I bring my own bags, but if not I'll just tell them that I brought my own, and that they hold WAY more than you think! If I have something really heavy or run out of my bags, I'll request paper. But really, paper isn't much better than plastic. The best choice is to bring your own!

If you think you'll get weird looks, I have to say I've only had positive feedback! Usually people want to know where they can get some for themselves! So, you may think- who am I- just one person making a difference and not using a plastic bag? How much of a difference can it really make? Just think about who you are influencing and the people that will be observing you. You might be a good reminder to them to bring their own bags next time, or at least get them to wonder why you bring your own bags... anything to get people to think!

Go Green!


  1. I've been a cloth bagger now for about a year & the only weird looks I get are from my husband. =) I love carrying my own bags. Funny side story: A bagger at my local market tried putting my cloth bags INSIDE of the plastic bags. What in the world?!?!?! I kindly said, "The point of bringing my own bags is to NOT use plastic." I think he was really confused. :)

  2. We've been working on becoming more green as well - one of our first steps were cloth bags at the grocery. I believe we have an Earth Day festival here too - if we don't make it to that -we will definitely be enjoying the outdoors. It's finally going to be nice here this weekend!!

  3. I'm not as green as I should be, for sure. But those bags are a great idea. May not seem like much, but it starts with one person.

  4. I am definitely not green... I should be. I just don't make time. I think we're going to our festival this weekend! Have fun at yours! Thanks for making me think... I think I'll go buy some cloth bags!

  5. What a great article! I better turn my TV on and watch Oprah! THANK YOU!!

  6. I'll have to catch that Oprah. I too LOVE Sara's blog, I learn so much.

    Somehow I've gotten out of the habit of using my bags - probably because I only had three - and after I had my son that wasn't enough for a visit to the grocery store. Just excuses though I need to buy some more and start using them again there is no excuse!!!!!!

    I've never heard of the Method products, we also us Seventh Gen and Bio Kleen products. But lately I found that diluted vinegar works just as well for cleaning.

  7. Hopefully we'll see you on Earth Day! Great tips and links... I need me some Eco Bags!!!

    I keep some homemade cleaners on hand, but love method (and 7th gen toilet bowl cleaner) and my new Omop is loverly!

  8. I love Method products! I use them once in awhile, but I generally use Baking Soda or Vinegar. I don't use many real cleaners at all, but I saw someone mention Method, so I have been using their products in my "Spring Cleaning".

    I have the Oprah episode on Tivo, so I need to watch that this weekend.

    Great post, I am going to see if anything is going on locally.

  9. I'm originally from British Columbia -- the home of the tree huggers and I say that with love!

    We have at least 3 recycling bins out each week to get collected. Ontario has a really good system for this, they do all the separating for you and take just about anything including tetra pack juice containers.

    On Sunday, my kids are going through the trails behind our house and picking up garbage. Our kids at church will also walk the trails behind the church and pick up trash. Last year they collected over 25 bags of garbage in one hour's time!

    Have a good earth day!

  10. It would be awkward for me now to have someone else bag my groceries! They don't do it for you here. Since we moved here I have been using my totes for groceries. It is also a lot easier to sling it over my shoulder when I have to carry my groceries home. I rarely leave home without it incase I happen to stop in somewhere.

    I started using eco-friendly detergent, handsoap, and dishsoap (had to think for a minute what it is called in the States!) when I was on my detox. I recently bought some multi-purpose cleaner as well. I just wish this stuff was cheaper. Sometimes it's hard on a tight budget.

  11. I'm not green at all. I should really make more of an effort. Cloth bags are certainly something I should purchase!!

    Great post, girl. And good reminder!!

  12. Thanks for the reminders. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to start taking my own bags, but I have started thinking about crocheting some. I found a pattern for one recently, or I bet I could make one up...they look pretty simple!

  13. I buy my reusable grocery bags but about 9 times out of 10 I forget them at home. Which is why I own so many b/c I have to keep buying them! I put them right in front of the door so I remember to put them in my car but my husband ALWAYS moves them to some obscure place. So those Eco bags are a great idea b/c I can probably ball one up real small to always keep in my NEST tote too ;) Even if I have one on me it's better than none b/c they really do hold a lot. People have asked me where I got mine too but cashiers don't like them. A customer behind me asked me about them and told the cashier they should offer them and he said "it would slow everything down." What a great reason to destroy the earth, so people can check out 3 minutes faster. They just outlawed the plastic bags in San Fran and Ikea now charges you to use plastic if you don't buy their cloth.

    I love method too but I'm trying to use more vinegar/baking soda as well. Not that I actually clean. I should cloth diaper more, I get so behind on laundry but I love, love cloth wipes too. They work so much better! I'm also happy to finally have a yard where I can hang a clothes line to hang dry my clothes in the fresh air. And our house doesn't even have a/c so I guess I'm good there :)

    I recycle but never remember to put it out for pick up so it just builds up in my house. Well I guess it's keeping it out of the landfills but my house is slowly turning into one. I usually bring a bag when Cricket and I walk to pick up trash along the way, there is plenty here.

    But even so, I can think of a trillion more ways I could improve. Thanks for the reminder.


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