April 29, 2007


Oh, the new look I have here and the new outlook I now have after seeing all you lovelies baring your unmade faces in the Bloggers Without Makeup contest this week! Join in if you haven't already, and please visit the participants to admire them and all of their natural beauty goodness!

So, what do you think, then, about permanent makeup?

There's a running joke in our family that my hubby grew up like the Cleavers from Leave It To Beaver and I grew up like the Connors from Roseanne. We tease each other about it often.

My mom emailed me that my Mommal (grandmother, age 70-something) is going to Chicago on Monday with the little girl that does her nails to get her eyebrows tattoo'ed for $100.

I tell hubby.

Me: Isn't that kinda expensive?
My brother: She better leave a nice tip!
Hubby (shaking head ): Your family...


  1. There is a lady in our church who was been wanting to do permanent eye liner on me...scary! I won't let any needles that close to my eyes.

  2. beautiful!!!

    and no thanks on the permanent makeup...

    (i grew up in a connoresque family as well!!)

  3. I told David, after laughing he said yikes! I guess there are some very nice, spa like places that do it now and do a good job, but as much as I love tattoo's I could NEVER get one on my face!!!

    And yes... I think comparing my family to the Connor's would be an understatement!

  4. I've seen it done on some ladies and I would have never known. They were in their 30's and had their eye liner done, but I wonder what it would look like in 10 or 20 years...

    Tattoos on the face...ouch!

  5. I know a couple people that have done it and love permanent makeup. I am too fond of variety to make such a ONE TIME decision.

    And the stuff about your families -- since I know both very well I laughed a good one!

  6. Ha! That's great! Your family sounds like my family, and your husband like my husband!

  7. I vote no on permanent makeup! I, like GlassHalfFull, change the makeup I use too often to make such a commitment!
    Thanks again for the no makeup contest! I am new to blogging and feel I have found some fun places to stop in and visit now!

  8. Ha, it sounds like you have quite a hip grandma!

  9. go grandma!

    the only kind i would consider is a bit of brown eyeliner. but Owww - so no - I won't be doing it!

  10. So is being like the Connors a bad thing?

    I wouldn't do the permanent makeup and take the joy from my kids lives. They get all excited and ask where we are going when I put on makeup.

  11. I almost didn't recognize you!! I like the change - I love redecorating...


  12. Love your new look...since I'm just catching up thanks for the important post below too...:)


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