March 8, 2007

Where The Good Things Grow

It happens all the time- I am so inspired by other bloggers. One of my favorite things about blogging is reading what other writers have to say, and I love the moment when I think I can so relate or, wow, that was so well written, and so forth.

Read here at Actual Unretouched Photo why I have a different perspective now about growing my boys rather than pretty flowers by our front door.

And here at New Mama's Nest you'll find a touching perspective reminding us just where our treasure lies...

Things are looking up. I can just feel it. Have you ever felt like you're finally on the right track? Where life is making sense and has meaning and you are no longer just treading water?

That type of thing. It's good.


  1. Feeling you're on the right track will definitely lighten the load! I'll be praying! Thanks so much for the linkage!


  2. It's always a wonderful feeling when you think you're on the right track!

  3. I've enjoyed reading Mel's blog for some time now. I am glad you enjoy her too.

    I love the feeling when things finally seem to be falling into place. I am so glad things are good for you right now.

    I've also enjoyed your bump pics.

    Oshee (for some reason it isn't letting me log in...)

  4. Thank you for the links...I've enjoyed coming to your blog.

  5. Glad you're feeling back on track! :o) That's always a good thing.

    I enjoyed reading both of the posts you linked to!

  6. Absolutely. Our boys will live longer than a pot of flowers!!!

    I wonder when I'll get around to painting our living room and more, but my time has been spent elsewhere....which is fine with me!!! :)

  7. I'm so glad you feel like things are looking up- that you are on the right track. Those were two very inspiring blogs. I'm often inspired by other people's blogs.

  8. It is amazing to me the things that used to be a priority to me now seem so trivial. I, too feel like I have found my place in this world. Motherhood seems to be that place. While I am kinda gardening crazy.. I now realize that spending time with my children is more important than flowers, cleaning, and blogging. I still do those things, but those 4 beautiful kids are my priority. The other stuff will wait.

    Great post Steph, as usual. :)

  9. Hooray for the right track & things looking up!
    You are one of my favorite bloggers to read where I'm always thinking "uh huh! Amen!" Thanks for keeping my head up, girl!

  10. Thanks for sharing the links! Those are both great posts.

    I can't grow flowers, period, so I'll stick to growing children. :)

  11. wow! i can totally relate :)


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