March 15, 2007

What Are You Into This Month?

I haven't done one of these in a while and thought it was about time to find out just what everyone is up to again... feel free to post something similar if you like.

What I'm Craving: Honestly, I've had the most intense craving for a hot, deep dish Chicago-style cheese pizza with extra sauce on the side... oh it sounds so heavenly. But, I can't have dairy. Instead, I am making a huge pot of minestrone tonight (the Olive Garden copy-cat recipe). Did anyone else have SNOW greeting them this morning? Doncha just love March?

Movie I've Seen Or Am Looking Forward To Seeing: I am excited to see the new SpiderMan movie with my hubby (and hopefully Lori & her hubby, too) at IMAX as soon as it comes out. That's about the only comic book movie I really like.

Blog I am Always Visiting: I find myself clicking on over to the Celebrity Baby Blog when I have a quick moment. And usually I end up feeling really sorry for all those celebrity parents & kids at how crazy and intrusive the paparazzi are. But, did anyone else notice the resemblance between baby Suri and my new niece Abigail!?

Chore I Am Always Trying To Catch Up On: Dishes. Our dishwasher is not working, so I am the sole dish washer. And some days it looks like this dish washer is not working either...

Favorite Way To Exercise And When Do I Do It: Winsor Pilates. There's never been another exercise regimen that I've enjoyed so much and find more relaxing. Now finding time for it without becoming a jungle gym to my children is another thing. So ideally I like to do it before the kids wake up. And ultimately I end up doing it at the end of the day, really late, after they are all in bed and the dishes are finally done.

My Favorite Blog Entry In More Recent Months: I've had fun watching You Blog The Blog. So, keep it up!


  1. Now that you mention it Abigail and Suri do funny!

    However, I think Abigail is much cuter! :D

  2. Wierd you should say that because I was actually thinking that when I looked at her picture yesterday.

  3. a. I love the CBB. I check it more than once a day (I'm so embarassed to admit that). I always think my kids are cuter but sometimes I say "Okay, boys you could marry that one and make me some beautiful grandbabies!"

    b. Thanks for the Crocs post - Zappos was all out of my size in any attractive colors but another site had the Primas and the clunky Caymans in my size and I got a bonus pair for the toddler. So we'll be a Croc'in family this summer.

  4. What I'm craving: Nothing really, which is strange since I'm preggo, but no real cravings this pregnancy so far!

    Movie? No idea.

    Blog I'm visiting: Her Bad Mother.

    Chore I'm trying to catch up on: Dishes and picking up cheerios from the carpet. Ugh!

    Favorite way to exercise: I'm so bad and don't! AH! Maybe I'll go get a Winsor Pilates dvd. I did have prenatal pilates, but a friend borrowed it and then I moved :(

    My fave blog entry: Probably the belly shot one. I had so much fun reading all the comments I got on it, and I really enjoyed going around and checking out everyone elses!!

  5. This was fun!
    What am I craving? Chocolate covered strawberries, haven't been able to find them already made at the store (started looking on Valentine's Day-that's how long I've been craving them)

    Chore? Laundry, dishes, ugh!

    Movie? Everyone has got to see Music and Lyrics, awesome!

    Favorite blog entry? The bump was fun, I cannot believe how many bloggers are expecting right now.

    have a nice day!
    Julie :)

  6. Ugh, your dishwasher is broke?!! Aw MAN! Speaking of celebrities, did you see the picture in PEOPLE with Brad Pitt wearing his baby in a sling???!!! I love pilates too but can't get to it without becoming the human jungle gym, so I have to go out to use the treadmill. We were talking about taking the boys to the Spiderman III movie at the IMAX. Until then, we are anxiously awaiting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Woo Hoo!

  7. I am TOTALLY with you on Chicago Style pizza!!!! My favorite!! My hubby is from Chicago. Everytime we visit, we HAVE to have pizza. (Lou Malnati's is our favorite!)

  8. Pizza... yum! I forget how spoiled we are here in Chi-town...

    Also, dishes are the worst. And no dishwasher? You are a saint!

  9. I love pizza. And I love NY style pizza. Yum.

    No dishwasher? Ouch. :(

  10. Now I'm craving pizza too.

    Exercise? What's that? Oh yeah, that thing I used to do at the gym. Oh how I miss the gym.

    And I feel your pain on not having a dishwasher. We lived 7 months without one. You don't appreciate what you got til it's gone.....

    As for Blog entry, I am totally into Ashlee, Flip Flop, and Sheryl's gdiaper posts. I'm totally thinking I'm going to have to join them and try those out.

    And of course I'm always visiting you....

  11. I wanna go see Spiderman too! : ) Have a great weekend.

  12. I borrowed your questions and posted them on my blog:

    And my sympathies on being without a dishwasher...


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