March 10, 2007


All I can say is, some party... everyone please give a hand to Janice & Susan over at 5 Minutes For Mom! Woo! My site meter is still behind on a lag due to so much traffic!!

And, congrats to el-e-e at hello, self for winning this fun wavy scarf! I am off to start knitting the weekend away!

And I should be getting a new niece this weekend, too- yay for me- Auntie Steph! Please keep my sister-in-law in prayer. This is her first baby. We are praying for her to go into labor naturally on her own without need for induction this weekend. We also pray for a peaceful and calm birth, and easy breastfeeding. This child is fearfully and wonderfully made... I can not wait to meet her!

See you for the photo tag on Monday!


P.S. The birds are singing outside my window this morning! Yay for spring and new babies!

Update- No baby yet. Please keep praying! I'll let you know when she's here. Can't wait to find out her name... so far it has been a secret!


  1. Yay for spring! It hit 71 at our house yesterday! Makes me excited for our Florida move!

  2. It is feeling spring-y today! X and I took a walk yesterday and oh was lovely!!!

    I will be praying away for your SIL and niece to be!!!


  3. I'm excited for the weekend. Can't wait to get out and feel the fresh air. After all the runny noses and coughing going on the past month, it's going to do us all some good. Me and Carter even walked to the bus stop yesterday instead of sitting in the car. :) (we live on a cul-de-sac and the bus can't come down our street) And the boys rode their bikes after school.

    I'm praying for your SIL. You mentioned an induction, is she over due?

  4. Congrats on your new neice! You are so thoughtful to ask for prayers for her!

    Also, you've won a onesie or T-shirt prize from my blog party giveaway! Please contact me at growingalife (at) gmail dot com!

  5. Hi Auntie Steph! I hope you post pics of your new precious family member when she arrives!! And I will be praying for her. I had a C-section in picnic, but oh how worth it. It was my first, too and as you well know there's nothing like it! =)

  6. Congrats on being an auntie. Thanks for coming to my party and I've enjoyed meeting you. I will be back.

  7. I love spring. Happy baby this weekend!!! I expect photos :).

  8. A new neice! There's nothing more exciting than a new baby in the family - congratulations!

  9. I only made it to the first 70! I guess I'll be working on that list for a LONG time!

  10. Prayers for a safe arrival of your niece! Hope it all goes wonderfully!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  11. I saw the comment that you left at Laced with Grace about Noah, so I was drawn to your blog. I'm reminded of the miracles I've been through with my son Graham who's also been through a lot. :)

  12. So sorry I didn't log on all weekend! But Thanks for the prize! I am thrilled! Emailed ya. :)

    Hope your niece arrives soon!

  13. I was checking back to see your niece. So I will :-)

    I am getting my new sling tomorrow! It is ZEBRA print. I can't wait.:-)


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