March 21, 2007

She's Hip, She's Random, & She Wears The Baby!

This week at the Carnival of Crazy Hip Mamas, there was a surprise topic. It's a fun one! If you've noticed way down on my sidebar you can click on the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas "random site" and go to a random blog that is part of the Crazy Hip Mamas. Who doesn't love a crazy hip mama? And you know you need just one more blog to read, am I right?

So guess who I just randomly stumbled upon?
Fina'Drea ... I immediately see Philippians 1:9-11 at the top of her blog and scroll down to see a beautiful mom wearing her beautiful baby in a beautiful sling! Hello! I am just now finding you? I can't wait to read more.


  1. awee thanks Steph! that was so sweet :-) I check your blog out as well. I think I saw you on Shanilies blog? or maybe it was Flipflopmamas.. I cant remember. The name "Adventures in Babywearing" drew me 2 you though hehe. Love it! Take care have a great day.

  2. Friends in the making. So fun.

  3. How cool! I'm gonna try.

    Unfortunately I've never been able to get the CHBM code to work on my new blog. But I digress.

  4. Steph, thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out.

  5. Hey! Just coming by to see who you found! :) This was a lot of fun, huh? So many treasures still waiting to be found! Happy Spring!

  6. I love her blog. Isn't she just the cutest?

  7. i jumped on the wagon as well.

  8. Great tip, Stephanie! I found your blog because of babywearing and I am happy to have another babywearing blogging mama to read.


    Just so you know, I bought a pair of the Mary Jane Crocs today because you posted a pic of yours and I didn't think they looked all that bad! I have been boycotting Crocs because they just look so awful but I have given in and I am looking forward to wearing them on the plane tomorrow (we are flying to Kansas to house hunt!).

    So, I am a Croc girl now all because of you. :-)

  9. Thanks for always discovering new blogs. Sometimes I just get stuck in this circle of blogs I like to visit, and since your one of them, and you do things like this, you therefore, help me to widen my blogging horizons. Have a great day!
    Julie :)

  10. Thanks for the tip that was fun.


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