March 9, 2007

She Muses and She's a Housewife

Well, did you all find a new friend at the crazy big Ultimate Blog Party? I have to say I can't believe how many people decided to show up! I honestly wasn't aware there were that many bloggers out there! Wow! And thank you to everyone that bared your bumps. It was a huge hit! Start
looking for photos for next week's tag... the theme is Possession. Could be something current or from your childhood. A material thing you treasure. I've got a couple to share.

I think my new favorite blog has to be Musings Of A Housewife. I had never read her blog before the big party, and am so glad to have found her! The blog is super cute. She does American Idol recaps after every show- how can you not love that?

She's open and witty and down to earth, and she loves God. I can relate to soooo many things in her 100 Things list... especially her desire to be a godly woman, the extended breastfeeding, the minivan-driving-but-wanting-an-SUV (which by the way, I may no longer be a minivan mom soon as we are shopping for a new vehicle!!!), classic rock music, the shopping, the solos in church, the cordless phone thing (sorry, hubby!), and the klutz part. I probably should have named that one first...

Did you post about your favorite new friend from the party yet? And are you as excited as I am to see if you've won a prize!? I can't wait to see for whom I'll be knitting this!


  1. I'm so flattered, I think I may be speechless! Although, if you trade in your minivan for a sportin' suv, I might not be able to be your friend anymore!


    I love how you used "for whom" correctly in that last line, so I might just find it in my heart to forgive you for looking so cute and hip in your new suv.

  2. I'm totally a minivan-driving-but-wanting-an-SUV mom too. I've got quite a lot in common with the 2 of you too!!

  3. Thanks for steering us toward her, Stephanie. I'm on my way over to visit her now.

  4. I didn't happen to bump into her at the party, but I'll go check her out! Sounds like a fun lady.

  5. "Possession"? As in "demon possession"? Like I sometimes think a certain family member of mine just might be?... he he he he... KIDDING!

  6. awwww. I had to come visit you b/c I am a big fan of Musings of a Housewife's work, too. =) I didn't partake in the Ultimate blog party and I regret it!! Sounds like it was BIG FUN!

  7. Well, I am still making the rounds of party goers, because I am slow like that.

    And I have to agree with you on one of my favorite new blogs. Musings of a Housewife is definitely on my must-read list now.

    And from what I've seen in a few minutes tonight, I'll look forward to many more visits to you, too!


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