March 29, 2007


Noah & Carter, arguing as they played today:

C: I am from Star Wars!

N: No, you came out of the Bible.

C: No I didn't, I am the guy from Star Wars.

N: I saw you come out of the Bible. Or maybe I dreamed it.

Speaking of all things Jedi, have you seen the United State's Postal Service website lately? You betcha my boys are hoping one of these mailboxes come to our town!


  1. That must be why they are raising the cost of stamps... to pay for the nifty star wars mail boxes!!! (But they are too cool!!!)

  2. It is so eerie that you mentioned the Star Wars mailboxes in your post. I just saw one this morning. I almost rear-ended a pimped-out caddy!

    When I told Hot Hubby, he insisted that I take him to it tomorrow, so we can have the Wog's picture made with it. I think that's a wierd request, but it'll make for good blog fodder!!

  3. Kids are funny...I love the way their minds work.

  4. You always have the cutest stories about your kids. I love it!

  5. You know my kids are gonna flip out over those mailboxes! Cute story!

  6. I have seen a few of those mailboxes pop up around here.

    Did you let the boys vote on a stamp?


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