March 25, 2007

A Girl And Her Handbag


Well we can't go on showing our shoes without sharing our handbags, too! What do you carry? A diaper bag or purse- or both? Big or little? Fancy or Frugal?

I prefer something that doesn't look like a diaper bag, but can fit anything and everything from books to diapers to yarn & knitting needles.

Recently I was shopping around for a large, hip, hobo-style bag. In a fun color or print. I just couldn't find anything I liked!

So, I went to my very talented and hip best friend Ashlee... hinting around to see if she had any left-over material from her awesome sling fabrics. Looky looky what she made me!

If you just have to have one of these fabulous Nest bags, be sure to check in to the Nest website to see when they become available! And if you'd like to play along and tell us about
your handbag, please link your post in Mr. Linky below.

*Updated to add- the totes are now available at Nest- and they are gorgeous!!!*


  1. Gorgeous! What a lovely purse! And a cute mama and baby, too.

  2. Yay, shoes AND purses! Fun fun!!

  3. I wish I knew about slings and way cool bags when I was carrying them 5 years ago! I love it!

    and fun photo tag too!

  4. Cute bag..... I love it. I really like the fabric. That would make a cute sling or ABC...

  5. That is THE BAG I've been searching for. ME TOO ASHLEE, ME TOO!!!!

  6. That bag is AWESOME!! Great job Ashlee! And great job Stephanie, for getting her to make you one! And they'll be available at her NEST website? I can't wait!

  7. FAB purse! I'll be ready & waiting for those to come available!!
    In church yesterday the pasotr was talking about what did we idol? God or things? And I jokingly wrote a lil note to Hubz "SHOES!" and his reply was "Don't forget purses!", knowing that I cannot have one without the other.
    I have too many favorites bags to post just one! AAAUUGGHH!!! ;) Can I post tomorrow? I have something else up today.

  8. I love it! Very fashionable. Your friend seems pretty talented. :)

    I got all excited when I first read this last night, because I just went handbag shopping last week. I've been looking for a diaper bag, too. Perfect timing!

    You always look great!

  9. Oh I wish that I could get excited about purses...I try to be... but I'm just not...

    my daughter on the other hand has TONS of them and swaps them out according to what she's wearing... :)

    I don't know where she gets it from... :)


  10. I won't be participating this week -- family home for spring break!! :)

    That is a cute bag too. Unfortunately I am not one that owns cute bags. In fact, I hate carrying a bag/purse anyway!!! I try to use my pockets whenever possible.

  11. Cute purse! Fun photo tag topic too!!!

  12. Hi Steph -
    I wondered if that would be clear - my contest winner will get a template remake that is FREE to them. Goofy Girl gave me a discounted rate for the prize which I am paying for! Clear as mud???
    Sorry for any confusion.

  13. Adorable! And the bag's lovely, too. :-)

  14. love it :) Cute AND functional. What more could you ask for in a bag?

  15. Seriously - I just bought that SAME FABRIC to make myself a bag.
    I love it!!!!!
    (you have great taste ;-)

  16. Great bag.. Love the photo of you and baby with it.

  17. Looks good on you.

    I used to stuff diapers and what-have-you in my oversized coat. My wife thought I looked like a big sling.


  18. Cute bag!! I like your style.

  19. Hee hee...I carry the dumb-looking black "gift bag" you get in the hospital full of free samples. It's ugly as sin, but it holds everything I need quite nicely! I'm getting very bored with it, though. It's time for a change!

  20. Hey Stephanie,
    Nice bag, looks like you can fit a lot of stuff in there! Sorry I didn't do photo tag, I don't have a favorite bag, so sad, isn'it it? I have an idea for another photo tag however, thinking about doing it on Friday, do you think that would be okay?
    have a good one
    Julie :)

  21. Okay, I give in. It's probably time I get a new bag anyway, so I did some looking on-line for a bag that could be my favorite, you'll have to check it out!

  22. How do I get an Ashlee friend ;) I want one! I prefer the same thing, big bag to fit everything but doesn't look like a diaper bag. It has to be huge for cloth diapers, and all that garbage. Yours is perfect.

    But you know, being the good daughter in law that I am (ha) I have to carry Vera Bradley bags b/c my MIL LOOOVES them and she assumes I do to. We're so different but she doesn't see it :) Annoying going out and seeing every 50 year old lady with the same bag as me. I finally got brave enough to stop carrying the one she gave me 2 Xmases ago and started using my FCUK bag again and now she is getting me another Vera for my 30th bday next month. Sigh.

  23. Ooh. NIIIICE!

    (And? Love your hair. Is that relevant?)

  24. Nice bag, but your and your baby look sweet. Thanks for sharing. I posted not to long ago about my new red bag.

  25. How fun! So much more smooth than mine!

  26. Since you tagged me, and I find it interesting to share my diaper bagS (I'vegot 2, you can find out the silly story behind them in the post)...


    Thanks for tagging...

  27. That's cute! I guess I'll play along too.

    Hobo bags are sooo cute. I adore my bag, EXCEPT it's not big enough to throw in my knitting. ;)

  28. I love the bag! Don't get me wrong ...I love ANY BAG! {I'm a woman!} but the hobo style is just too cute, especially on you!

    Ohh and I see a certain blogger isn't wearing any make-up!! Could it be?

    You look great!


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