March 14, 2007


Aunt Steph bought lots of hair bows for Abigail. Look at that hair. Have you ever seen such a thing?

I got my wedding ring back! All fixed and as shiny as ever... and it was repaired & rebuilt at no cost! What a blessing!

I am also now a proud dyson owner. Let me just say, it's amazazing! And before you start thinking we must've won the lottery for me to get a new luxury vacuum cleaner, I'll tell you we are blessed. My old vacuum was horrible and just a few months old. I had already exchanged it once, so I returned it again today and said I must have something better! The one I got was on sale, plus I had my old vacuum to exchange, plus another discount coupon on top of it all. A good deal!

Now, as if we can contain any more blessings, we are in the process of getting a too-good-to-be-true deal on a new vehicle (not a mini-van woo hoo!!) and we are supposed to be able to pick it up on Saturday!


  1. Wow! Sounds like things are going fabulous for you this week! Look at that baby?!?! How cute is she?!

    And your WW pic? That is one that needs to be framed! Absolutely PRECIOUS!!

  2. So give it up. What kind of car are you getting? TRAITOR. ;-)

  3. Awww, look how sweet she is! My girls both had hair like that! I love it! Wow, you have gotten some amazing blessings this week! What a wonderful praise report!

  4. Came by to check on the baby and I see she's finally here! Praise God for this new little life! The Lord has truly blessed you, not only with a beautiful niece, but with so much!! WooHoo...

  5. Wow -- all of this AND a totally cute red necklace?! God is good! :o)

    P.S. Your niece is adorable -- and that hair is so fun! I can't wait to see photos of this little one as she grows!

  6. Congrats first on being and Auntie!!!! She's adorable.

    I LOVE my Dyson - worth it's weight in Gold so to speak!

  7. What a beautiful girl she is!!

    Congrats on the vacuum and car!

  8. CONGRATS on your BEAUTIFUL niece! What a sweetheart! (we all have bald babies on my side of the family.)

    And - oh I am LOVING your vacuum. I always see those commercials and thing that would be soooo nice!

    And a new vehicle too - WOW - Santa stopped by in March! :)

    BTW - I just want to say thanks! You are such a great blogging friend and I really appreciate your encouragement and your comments. You ROCK!:)

  9. God is good, is He not? He always provides! And often in unexpected ways...
    You look good holding that baby. Make you wanna do it all over again? I took a meal to a family tonight who just had their fourth baby...a girl. My heart just melted when I saw her. Ah, sweet stuff.

  10. I had bald babies, so they always wore big huge bows.

  11. What a blessing indeed. Congrats! She is so beautiful. And all that hair! My 2 yr. DD STILL doesn't have that much hair I don't think!

  12. Sounds like you are having a great week!!!

    She's adorable and has TONS of hair!!!! Congrats!

  13. Congratulations on all your new stuff! Sounds like fun! Your neice is a cutie!

  14. She is GORGEOUS! and that hair!!!

    And the dyson, well, you know how I feel my Dyson... "I just think things should work properly!" I love it...

    And the car! You better swing my and take me for a joy ride! :)

    What blessings indeed!!!


  15. What a beautiful neice you have!!

    What kind of car are you getting? I can't wait to trade my minivan for something else!!! It is seriously on it's last leg LOL!!

  16. Look at her newborn-ness. So precious. Carter looks so OLD now. Gray must seem half grown.... :)

  17. Congrats...She is beautiful. Enjoy...

  18. New stuff is fun!

    That baby girl is about the cutest EVER!

  19. SO adorable!!! I lvoe the hair. Zachary had a lot of hair when he was born, but it stuck up like a monkey! LOL! And I couldn't put bows in it! :-( Congratulations Auntie!

    I want a lucky dawg!


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