February 20, 2007

What Would The Guy At Home Depot Say?

When we found out we were expecting our 3rd boy, a friend asked if I was going to finally invest in a urinal.

Cleaning the bathroom this morning I seriously wondered how much a urinal would cost. And how easy is it to install? Can you just walk into Home Depot and buy
a urinal these days?

And the boys are just 6 years old and under, but I am starting to notice more need for frequent trips to the grocery store. They are growing. And so are their appetites. I nervously laugh when people say, "Wait until you have three teenage boys... they'll eat you out of house & home." What does that mean anyway?

It's always snacktime for someone here. And they're boys, remember. I also might as well have the broom & dustpan surgically attached to my hand, to save time, you know. I was recently sent a box of Fiber One Chewy Bars to review. I let Noah & Carter try them out and they would have eaten the entire box in one sitting if I had let them. So, I'd say they get a good review. Two dirty-fingernailed-thumbs up.


  1. A urinal? Not a bad idea!

    And about the food.....how true! A gallon of milk would last a good week or a little more. Now we are finding TWO GALLONS are needed. And snacks.....don't ask!

  2. a urinal - funny idea!!! But it could be practical!

    I can already see about the food thing too, the other morning my son- remember he's 2 - ate 3 scrambled eggs, toast and most of a banana in one sitting for breakfast! About double what I ate at that same meal.

  3. Um a definite NO to the urinal because at the end of the day, ya still gotta clean it, right?
    I have a friend who has a soon-to-be 4 year old son & a 16 month old son & they are constantly contemplating just HOW they are going to keep feeding the boys. One time when I sat for her, I was BLOWN away by how much food those two put down!
    One thing she & I both do is have a fruit & veg snack tray out all day till about an hour before dinner. Its one of those P*mpered Ch*f chilled ones filled with carrot stix, hummus dip, steamed broccoli, edamame beans & green beans. Alll day munchfest!

  4. My MIL taught all her boys to sit when they pee... I am so grateful for that! I plan on doing the same with Liam.

    I can already tell Liam is going to eat us out of house and home as a teenager... he is such the snacker!

    LOVE this photo of your boys! So so so precious!

  5. Oh how I can relate, and right now I only have two boys using it (the big boy and the little boy). When we bought our house, a little old lady lived here. The entire house was carpeted. The downstairs bathroom was one of the last things we remodeled, and we did it while I was eight months pregnant. I was cleaning around the base of the toilet and started yelling when I saw the condition of the carpet around it. GROSS! My husband immediately came in (he knew not to mess with cranky prego gal) and started ripping it out. Now we have tile. Ah. Much better!

  6. That's a great picture of the kids! I haven't thought of a urinal in the house before- something to consider! I can totally relate to the food thing! Yesterday after Luke ate all his dinner he asked for a bowl of Cheerios! They are always eating!

  7. My best friend had two teenage boys move in with her and her hubby...between the boys and her hubs they were eating a whole box of cereal a day!!!! Can you imagine???

  8. Your boys are beautiful! Love the picture in the tent, awesome! Do you review food for a living (ha, that coming from one sahm to another, ha)...that sounds awfully neat! :)

  9. Ok..I'm laughing at the first commenter...a gallon lasts maybe 2 days at our house...we buy 2 gallons at a time, and then we are back at the store for more within no more than 4 days...UGH! And I only have 2 boys...and of course the 2 girls...

  10. Those boys of yours! I love Carters coy smiles, Noah's dimples and Gray looks like he's up to something! I'm in trouble when X starts eating more, if he has my appetite we're really in trouble!

  11. That picture is adorable! My hubby comes from a home of 3 boys...and his mom always heard those same saying as you do! Boys are so much fun though! My sunday school class teacher just built a new home..and he put in a urinal! LOL I thought that was hilarious! Not a bad idea for you I must say!

  12. We go through just terrifying amounts of food here, and we just have the one boy. My mother-in-law - who had two - still tells scary stories of when she had two teenaged boys, both of whom were bottomless pits of hunger.
    Gallons of milk? We buy milk in bags here, bags which them go into a plastic holder. WE go through six bags of milk a week.

  13. I think that ALL kids eat a lot. My kids do anyway. People say that about my kids too, and I ALSO get the, WAIT TILL YOU ARE PAYING FOR 3 WEDDINGS. That one id fun.

    Those Fiber One Chewy Bars sound great!

  14. I have three boys too - they're all four and under and haven't started to eat that much but I know that someday Costoco will be my best friend.

    You didn't mention the flying snot. Is it just mine or do all boys shoot strings of snot out their noses when their sick? It doesn't happen to my friends' girls.

  15. That's so funny because me & Robin (Life With All Boys) were just talking about the flying snot yesterday! Oh, for sure we have that, too!

  16. My wife always tell others how much energy she needs to put up with three boys.

    "Huh?" I said.

    We only have a 3-year old and a 1-year old.

    "Oh," she said. "I'm also referring to you."



  17. That is such a good idea, I wish I would have thought of that. Thankfully only two of my three boys use the toilet yet, well --- try to use the toilet. Although I must say... my 4 year old's aim has improved!!

    The most used phrase in my house, "Put the seat DOWN!!"

    My poor daughter....

  18. Oh ya one more thought, she out-eats my boys!!! My daughter actually can out-eat me... she's almost 7! It's not just relegated to a house full of boys...

  19. My 6yo has been eating out of house and home lately... must be a growth spurt! At this rate she's going to be taller than I am within the next two years. LOL

    A urinal sounds nice, and I only have one boy! We taught him to sit and he usually does- EXCEPT when he waits so long that he is lucky to make it in the bathroom, let alone getting it in the toilet. Sigh. Now I know why people with boys have "aromatic" bathrooms. ;)

  20. Even with two boys, I find our grocery bills out of sight. Then again, our daughter more than holds her own with her brothers...between the three of them, I fear we're in trouble, too!

    But they look so happy in the pictures that you share that it's all worth it in the end.

    And I'll be looking for a urinal at our local Home Depot as well. If they aren't stocking 'em, they might want to change their minds, as it looks like there's significant pent-up demand out there.

  21. My 3 boys are 10, 8 and almost 4 and they do eat a lot! I'm half-kidding when I tell people I'm in school to be a nurse to be able to afford to feed them during those teenage yrs. My 10 yo can eat more than I can. It's always an adventure!


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