February 3, 2007

Thoughts On A Weekend

Do overs are good. It's nice to wake up and have a brand new day to start over. Today already has the opportunity to be better than yesterday. Tomorrow could possibly be even better than today.

It's a good feeling to have No Plans for once.

Have you heard about The Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom next month? I offered to knit up a hip scarf as a prize. If they don't take me up on it, should I do some sort of contest here?


  1. YES! I would participate..I'd love me a nice, warm scarf!!

  2. I agree. Contests are fun! As are hip new scarves!

  3. I vote yes too! It would be fun!!

  4. Oh yes! I'd love to win a scarf knitted by you. Your making scarfs, Ashlee's making slings, don't expect anything out of me anytime soon. That talent skipped me by! :)

  5. No Plans is good. And how cool of you to offer a handmade prize. They'd be cuckoo to say no.


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