February 18, 2007

They'd Be Too Cold And I'd Break The Camera

I usually peek out my curtains and make sure no one is outside watching when I go get my mail. You know, like neighbors getting their mail at the same time or joggers and such. Mostly because I probably look like something the cat dragged in.

If I had paparazzi hiding in the bushes, 1. they'd be pretty bored and cold since I hardly ever leave my house and it's freezing here and 2. it would probably give me a heart attack to have someone jump out and snap unkind and unwanted pictures of me and my kids. I'd seriously call 9-1-1. How is this legal?!

I think there is such a thing as going too far. I think that the entertainment media crossed that line long ago. And now isn't almost all media becoming entertainment oriented? Britney shaved her head. Well, I have no care in the world about her hairstyles, but I am just so confused as to why this is "Top News" newsworthy. And the real top news issue with that girl woman - didn't she have two babies recently? Whatever happened to the babies?

And I used to like a little E! News every now & then, but lately I find that I need a throw-up bag if I dare watch one of those entertainment news shows. The other night one show asked "Who do you think the father of Anna Nicole's baby is? Take our online poll and cast your vote by looking at the potential fathers' pictures. Who do you think the baby looks like?" or something like that. I couldn't turn the tv off fast enough. I seriously gagged a little. And my heart hurts just thinking about it.

Score a point to my non-tv watching friends. I am getting there. I really am.


  1. It is getting out of hand! This whole Anna Nicole Smith and the father of her baby thing is disgusting and wrong on so many levels. I do have to add, though, that for as much as celebrities complain about the paparazzi, they do help them. I saw a show in which a couple of actresses were having car troubles (they needed gas) and they were totally clueless (or they are better actresses than I gave them credit for) but the paparazzi helped them out.

  2. Oh, we've been having this conversation almost daily! I would love to get the TV out of our house... Thanks to TIVO we skip most of the trash and commercials but when you start to hear about Anna Nicole or another Britney fiasco on a 'serious' news station I begin to loose hope.

    And yes, where exactly are these peoples babies?!

  3. Let me add to that by saying my husband and I TRIED to watch a movie last night and ended up watching maybe 3 minutes of it..."Friends with Money". The information on the movie did not explain the horrible language and GROTESQUE things that the movie was really about. It was horrible...Now if I could just get my TIVO to work!!!

  4. I too do NOT care who the father is of Anna Nicole's baby. It is not my baby,my family, or my problem. Not sure why it is all over the news. Aren't their orphans that need to be recognized, starving children, homeless families that would be more worthy of my attention on TV news.


  5. Hey,

    I just happened by from someone else's site (can't remember whose) and your blog has kept me captivated for...awhile now. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly inspirational your blog is. First, it is wonderful to see someone who values so many of the same things that Boyfriend and I do - in relationships, in childrearing, etc. And second, it was difficult to read about Noah's story. I am so thankful and so glad for you and your family that everything has been turning around in this matter.

    I'll stop by again (how could I not?) but in the meantime, I just thought you should know that I really have enjoyed and appreciated reading your blog.

    Take care!

  6. Sarah- wow, well thank you! You made my morning! ; )

  7. I KNOW!!! Even Court TV had the whole baby mama drama on yesterday! Don't they know I'm sick in bed & need LAUGHTER to heal?

    The whole BritBrit thing? Ugh! She is soooo NOT new-worthy, fo' sho'! But did you see Jaymi's (Flip) post when she had her head shaved??? Our Jaymz is way hotter than Brit. ;)

    Sadly, even our local paper had a WHOLe page titled "the Road to IDOLatry" in the entertainnemtn section, and only 4 lines about the new flick "Breach", which IMHO is far more interesting than "IDOLatry". Disgusting, no?

    Whew. ya got me going this am. Apologies. ;)

  8. There is a lot of junk out there. I warn you, if you ever do go TV-less, you will come upon this situation MANY times: "No TV?" and then either "weird" and silence, OR (the most common one), "that's really great. I could never do that. Well, we don't really watch that much TV anyways." then for the next hour the topic of conversation is, you guessed it, TV shows (that you know nothing about). Don't watch that much TV, eh! :)

  9. Seriously -- Britney's new "do" made my Yahoo's front page TOP NEWS. Just shows you what our focus is on......

  10. Yeah, I have a few shows that I record on my DVR...and I sit down to watch them. Other than that...my tv is RARELY on. My kids will watch cartoons on Noggin during the day, but that's it. I just don't care to see all the other trash that is out there.

  11. Yeah, the Anna Nicole thing IS getting out of hand. I DO think the baby looks like one of the guys though. Is that bad?? I am not watching this stuff, but sometimes it is all that is on. THAT is when the TV is turned off which is probably good anyway!

  12. I know what you mean about entertainment "news" suddenly being so horrid - it's like every celebrity is suddenly becoming a big drugged-out trainwreck. Especially the dead ones.
    I'm always glad that I'm not famous but never more so than when I'm running to the post office looking just GHASTLY. That's just the sort of thing you'd never want to see on the front page of the National Enquirer.

  13. I'm reading a book on the genocide in Rwanda and the journalist talks about what he was watching on CNN while reporting from Rwanda. The OJ Simpson mess. Here is a country where almost a million people are dead and what is on the international news? OJ Simpson. Gag.
    Someone I used to work with asked me "What should I say to my son who asked me "Mommy. What's a blow job?" He was seven and the Clinton/Monica thing was all over TV.
    When I was sick a few months ago, I was laying on the couch with my then six year old, trying to find something to watch. It was 7PM and I was hoping to find a movie. So we were watching the TV guide thing scroll and what should be on. Sex and the City. He's into spelling everything out. "S-eeee--xxxx and the C-iiii-tt-yyy. What's sex Mom?" I'm so tired of it.

  14. Oh yeah, tv makes me crazy. I love watching LOST but we're watching it on DVD and the kids watch shows that we check out at the library. THat's enough anyway, not enough hours in the day anyway! ;)


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