February 8, 2007

That's How He Rolls

So, Noah rode the bus for the first time on Tuesday. Those who know me well know how hard this must have been. For me. It has taken me the entire school year to get enough courage to send him on the bus, and honestly I planned on him never taking it until maybe next school year.

But, our van has been giving us troubles and the average temp lately is -1 degrees. I just can't be driving right now. And lugging three little ones out in this cold can take its toll. So, the bus it is.

I met with the school on Monday and we planned it all out. Spoke with his teachers and the school secretary. Even talked with the bus driver on the phone and everything. He is picked up and dropped off in front of our house.

My stomach was a ball of nerves the minutes before he was to leave for the first time. He was excited. I held back tears. I videotaped him getting on and riding away and down the street.

Surprisingly I did not call the school to be sure he made it ok. I stepped out in faith... plus they told me they would call me if he didn't make it anyway, so I knew all was well.

When he was dropped off- different story. He wasn't happy. His friends had been let off the next street over and he thought the bus driver forgot about him and left him. After a few tears and hugs, all seemed ok. But he was not going to ride the bus again tomorrow, he told us.

Daddy talked to him and we assured him that when his friends get off at the street before our house, he can remember that he'll be dropped off next. Before bed he scrunched up his little nose and said "Mommy, tomorrow I will ride the bus and won't cry."

The next day he is eager to ride again to school and all goes smoothly. I could get used to this- staying in the house all day!

Then comes time for the bus to drop him off. I hurry to slip on my shoes and coat and by the time I get to the door the bus drives by. THE BUS DRIVES BY. And keeps going. And Noah has not been dropped off. I run out to try to chase it, but it has gone.

I think my heart stopped. Uh oh. What to do?! I immediately start praying and grab the phone and the bus barn's number that I had on the fridge. They took the information and I guess would call the driver. Then I called hubby and he drove to the school. He had the principal call someone, too.

I should have been out there in time, and could have waved at the bus and reminded her that she has a new kid to drop off. It was only the 2nd day. I can understand how easy it would be to forget. But, after how upset he was yesterday... for sure he'd never want to ride the bus again.

It seemed like forever, but was really about 10 minutes and I see the bus coming back around. I run outside and the bus driver is shaking her head, so sorry, and she yells back to Noah- you're home! She apologizes and explains how she just wasn't used to the extra stop.

I am mostly concerned about Noah and can't tell from his face how he is. No tears- he actually had a bit of a spring in his step. That was fun, he says.

That was fun!? For some reason he thought it was funny that the driver passed his house and forgot him! The same child that yesterday came off the bus crying because he thought he had been forgotten, but really he was dropped off as he should. And when the bus driver really does forget about him, he thinks it's funny! Am I missing something!?

Well, I still feel bad for not being out there in time, and can understand it happening since it was only the 2nd time riding the bus. If it had happened two weeks or a couple months after riding the bus or if the bus driver had been cranky about it, or if Noah had been traumatized, I'd probably be more upset. Hubby is quite unhappy about the whole situation and plans to talk to someone in charge. Apparently this happens more than parents are aware of.

I don't really know what we should do next. In the meantime, Noah has been laughing about it since. How fun it was that the bus driver forgot to drop him off! And he can't wait to ride the bus tomorrow!

I think my heart just started beating again...


  1. Oh gosh, Steph! What a story. I'm so sorry that it went that way. But so happy that it wasn't a big deal. At least to Noah :) Wow.

  2. That is scary!! When SlowMo was in first grade, her bus driver dropped her off at the wrong corner! Imagine a square, we at one end and her at the completely opposite!! Not just the wrong end of the street, but the oppisite end of the block!! She let SlowMo off at the church because SlowMo told her she was supposed to get off there. Hello! She's 7!! The Fm steps onto the bus and starts telling this lady that she's the adult and should have listened to us and not our 7 year old, while I run down and around the block to find her!! That was scary!! She was actually walking in the direction of our house, and when i met up with her she said she was scared because some people were sitting on their porch. LOL. Brave kid.

    I'm glad Noah is liking the bus! It is so much easier!!

  3. Goodness. Well, I'm glad that he was in a good mood about it. :) I am WAY impressed that you didn't call the school that first day. I wouldn't have been able to handle that. Good job though!

  4. What a brave little guy! I'm sorry that happened though. I can't imagine!

  5. Good for him! Sounded like at least *he* was used to it!!

  6. At least the boy in question wasn't worried about it at all; that's what moms are for, after all! :-)

  7. I would have LOST it! I can not believe what a kick he got out of it! Kids are funny aren't they?

  8. I had a hard time letting my kindergartener ride the bus - but for the same reason (not wanting to lug the 2 younger one's out) she's been happily riding it. Our school is just kindergarten & 1st grade, so that makes it better & they have a monitor on the bus to help the kids too.

    Today my baby woke up at 3:15, so I lay on the bed next to her to nurse her back to sleep. Next thing I knew I heard banging on my front door. I had fallen asleep and it was 3:35 - the bus comes at 3:30. I raced downstairs to see the monitor and my daughter heading away from my front door. I opened it and yelled that I was home, and had fallen asleep - and SORRY. Emily was fine. The stop is a few houses down. I was impressed that they would stop the bus, and send the monitor with her to see if we were home before heading on.

  9. HA!! My 2 are going to start riding the bus once we move. They can't wait...but I'm not so sure. I've always driven them since Monte's old school didn't have bus service. But I'm tired of dragging the baby out every morning in 0 degree weather, and then 2 more times in the afternoon. It will be a lot nicer for me I guess. In the afternoons it will just be kindergartners, and then after school Hunter will be with Monte. Safety in numbers?!?!

  10. Oh Steph! I'm sorry for yours and Jeff's sake! Glad Noah did OK!

    Can I tell you something? As a former bus driver (can make money and NOT put kids in daycare --woohoo!), it's VERY EASY to forget a new stop in the middle of the year (especially). You get in a groove, and the route doesn't usually change hardly at all, so you just kinda drive. Which is nice, in a way, because there's a lot of discipline involved with driving a bus--keeping the kids in line and keeping them safe. So when you know your route well, it's nice to be able to concentrate on the children more.

    I'm glad your bus driver was apologetic. I know I would've been, seeing as he's a little guy. But, maybe Jeff will cool off a little more before tomorrow? It really was a common mistake. I wouldn't be too hard on the woman...once my heart stopped racing anyway ;)

  11. Your story made my own heart drop! Wow, that COULD have been quite traumatic, but he handled it so well! You did too!

    I think I would have started bawling the moment I saw my boy coming back on the bus realizing he'd let the driver know he was "forgotten"... Oh the drama... I would have been a wreck.

  12. That must have been terrifying!
    I can't imagine! Of course, we don't get 0 degree weather here...so..no bus. I could have for kindergarten, but just drove the kids or had them in an afterschool program anyway.

    I won't have to deal with the bus thing until Jr. High. OF course, my favorite trick back then, was to just barely miss the bus, with the hope I would be allowed to just stay home. Heh..never worked.
    Just see what you get to look forward to.

  13. Wow I would be like you. I would be freaking out. Im not good with things like that. Oh he must of been so scared when he thought the bus driver forgot him. Poor thing. He is a brave boy wanting to tackle it again.

  14. Good grief!
    In my area, kids in town are only eligible for the bus until grade one, at which time, I guess, they're ready to CROSS A HIGHWAY and walk to school. My kids get a ride to and from school with my mom, thank goodness.

  15. First, I am shocked that you let him ride the bus, but I understand why you did. What an eventful first 2 days! We have to work the kinks out with the 1st children don't we? By the time Gray rolls around this bus thing will be old hat!

  16. Aw, at least he learned to just go with the flow! :)

  17. Well, we spoke about this over the phone.......Noah's reaction is so cute!!! What a guy!!!

    Let me know what today brings.

  18. OMG!! I would have died, just died! Walker starts preschool in August and I FREAKING out about that! :-)

  19. I am sobbing. I just told my son who is next to me he is never going on his bus and he said, "Oh mommy God wants me to grow."

    WAHHHHHH I wish I was with you. :(

  20. Deep breath! I'm glad Noah was so excited about the whole ordeal! I would have FLIPPED! I think you're right about this happening more than people think... keep us posted!

  21. Your a brave mommy.
    I tear up just thinking about my son going to school. He's not 3 yet!
    I always liked riding the bus. I also had mt brother and sister w/ me. Good thing he thought it was "cool" instead of panicked. He seems confident in trusting what his mommy sets up for him. :)

  22. Ah, my heart stopped just reading that!! Hoping you all get settled with this new addition to your routine really soon!! {{HUGS}}

  23. I'm glad that it turned out okay! :)

  24. Oh, I can totally understand not wanting him to ride, but not wanting to go out in the cold anymore! Glad it all worked out.

  25. Oh, my I think my heart stopped just reading about it. Yikes...glad Noah is ok with it though.

  26. How scary! I just started letting my oldest walk to school with a bunch of the older kids in the neighborhood. I cried the entire first day.

    Kids are amazing how resiliant they are. I am glad he took it all in stride.

  27. Wow! I have friends who live where you live, obviously, and they are always having to call the bus barn about stuff. I don't even know if we have a bus barn here or what the number is. I just call the school. Like one morning the bus never came. School was about to start. I guess the bus was running late. What is scary is the other kids at the bus stop...their parents had already gone to work and they were left to stay untilt he bus came. Then, I wanted to take them to school too, but I don't know their parents. I wasn't sure what to do! Anyway, another mom who knew the kids better offered to take them. I felt better about that. I wouldn't want my child to ride with a stranger!!

    The BUS is a big deal!! On Zoe's first day, I followed the bus to school. When I got there, she was already in class. I went in to make sure that she made it ok. There was a magnetic pull that would not allow me to leave the doorway to the classroom. I stood there thinking that I needed to leave, but I could not move. Finally, I tore myself away and UNEXPECTEDLY I started to tear up. I usually don't cry. In fact, I was excited for Zoe to start school. But, leaving her in the care of someone else ALL day was tough.

    Loved the story! I guess the bus is just part of growing up. LOL!

  28. I am so glad that he was OK...

    and I am totally impressed by your sweater. I tried to knit once and everytime I am away from it for five minutes I forget how to do it. A sweater would have taken me 10 years at my pace. :)

  29. Funny how the scariest things for parents are viewed as the funniest by kids, huh?


  30. Oh my goodness. Poor mommy. It doesn't take much to stop our beating hearts where our kids are concerned. I hope it all works out and you have peace. It sounds like your little guy really wasn't fazed. That's good.

  31. OMG... that is hilarious.

    I totally don't understand six year olds myself. :p

    I hope you've recovered sufficiently from the excitement!


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