January 31, 2007

So Just What IS The Deal?

I've sworn off Walmart... is the mall next?

Oh, a trip to the mall... that will cure blogger's block. Everywhere I turned I thought to myself, I am SO blogging this.

I find it completely inappropriate to see THIS hanging from the ceiling as we enter the Family Lounge. In the Food Court. And then around every corner throughout the rest of the mall. Who wants to see that?! Gouge. Out. Eyes.

And please tell me
who would feel comfortable having their facial hair removed- right there, smack dab in the center of the mall at one of those kiosk things where they do threading and who knows what else as people walk by eating their hot pretzel? Seriously, every time I've walked by, there is someone getting it done! What is the deal with this?

Thankfully, I returned a few items with no problems and the boys were quite well behaved considering I had to shield their eyes from those vomitous movie banners every 20 feet.

But still, with three well behaved boys I get the looks and comments that I must be crazy to go to the mall with three kids. What am I thinking bringing these quiet and respectful children with me somewhere!?

Instead I just think I must be crazy to go to the mall,


  1. I feel you!! There are so many inappropriate things EVERYHWERE!! I would have gagged at that poster. Just pure nasty!! I'm sure some teenager would get a kick out of it. Cause you KNOW teenagers are the ones that are BUYING things in the mall. OH! You thought that they were just loitering? NO WAY! ME too. Hmmm

    People look at me like I am on drugs all the time for taking all 4 of my kids out. Let them stare. I think they are always amazed that they are SO well behaved!! I agree.

  2. Ick! That's why I love my small hick town - not having anything around makes it VERY child friendly.

  3. "quite well behaved considering I had to shield their eyes from those vomitous movie banners every 20 feet."

    I seriously burst out laughing when I read that line. My hub thinks I'm insane. Whew! Anyway,

    We've sworn off Wal-Mart, although I hate it because it's the only place to buy stuff around here!!! Which hub says is exactly why we'r not shopping there, they clost down all the locals. (except for organic food, I'm allowed to buy food there since we can't afford it anywhere else...but only food!! seriously, if I want makeup, we have to go somewhere else. Ugh!)

    The nearest mall is 30 mins away...so I don't get there often...but I guess that's where I'll go when I run out of blog ideas!! LOL

    Oh, and I think that woman in the poster is actually Eddie Murphy...not some huge yucky woman. LOL. but it is distasteful.

  4. Yeah, the 'woman' in the poster is definitely Eddie Murphy, but still gross nonetheless! Ick!

  5. It's amazing the things they put on billboards for all to see.

    I would never get threading done in the middle of the mall. Actually, I don't know if I'd ever get it done period.

  6. Oh I'm with you! We went out there to hit up Jamba Juice the other day and decided to go to Borders and Stride Rite too - well yeah! We saw that movie poster the second we entered the door - I was about to turn around an leave! And thanks for the walmart link! I swore the place off long ago for other reasons but hadn't heard of that!

  7. Oh barf!
    I feel ya & I'm about to swear off Wally World. Now I'm off to go read why you did.

  8. LOL That is NASTY! I've not seen that one yet..LUCKILY. There is always stuff everywhere we go that makes my stomach turn...I mean what is this world coming to...really??? It's upsetting!! TV is even worse...you can't even let your kids sit w/ you to watch a GOOD show..because the commercials are so bad! RIDICULOUS!

  9. I took my 6 yr. old daughter to see Charlotte's Web at the movies and the same poster was up. She said, "look mama, and started to giggle." I tried to divert her attention elsewhere. I was annoyed.

    Then, there comes our trip to the mall. We do not go very often. We walked past the Victoria's Secret store and for the first time I cringed and thought about what I am exposing my daughter to just by walking by!!!

  10. I haven't read through that Walmart site, but I read recently that they were selling non-organic food as organic. Bad move.

    You're a good mom, by the way :)

  11. THAT AD WAS ON THE ELEVATOR DOOR!!!! I thought the same thing -- GROSS!!!

  12. We had similar issues with that Dragon movie that came out recently. Everywhere we went in our local mall there were posters of this thing! We don't do dragons at all so the kids were really noticing them. Grrrrr!

  13. I hear you! At the mall I hate walking by Victoria's Secret with my kids. My oldest (age eight for Pete's sake!) slows down and seems pretty "distracted" by the window displays.

    I can't believe the mall would allow threading near the food court. Yuck. Hair + Food = Bad Business, you'd think.

  14. That poster is disgusting. What I hate is walking past A&F and seeing half-naked teenagers "modeling" the latest board shorts. And I'm not just talking about the ads... I mean REAL teens modeling this stuff. I swear I have to keep myself from saying something to these kids. Do they have parents?

  15. I guess Walmart could get away with most everything, given that their prices are cheap.

    Too bad, huh?


  16. Tell me about it!! I know exactly how you feel.

    Found you via Anna's Photo blog.
    I saw that you like "The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio"--the book is soo good! If you like the movie, the book is so much more charming and inspirational.

  17. OMG!!! I can't believe that poster is in the Food Court!?!
    Now I remember why I rarely go to the mall!

    And Walmart, I hate to admit that I do shop there, considering the facts....and I am more for the "little guy".

    It just seems like Walmart is the necessary evil, for us, and probably most of middle-class America! Unfortunately.

    People look at me like I'm nuts when I take my 4 kids shopping too :)


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