February 6, 2007

Raise Your Glass...

I'd like you all to please stop by and wish Lori at Glass Half Full a very Happy Birthday today!

Here's a photo of us hot mamas back in the day... you know, when the Wiggles were all the rage! We had second row seats for the show and it was awesome!!

Lori and I have shared a lot of good times together, and have been there for each other in plenty of the rough times. If not a mall trip or random playdate (when we can make that work!)... we are at least always there for email and instant messaging!

I treasure your friendship so much, Lori. You are one of the most "real" people I know. Happy Birthday!!


  1. Oh what fun memories!!! :) Your words blessed me this morning. Love ya!!!

    PS And I approve the photo. We are such cool moms!

  2. You guys are so cute - and how much fun does that look like!

  3. You guys are so cute! Is that a baby Carter or Noah in your arms?!

  4. That's me holding Noah (he was about 2 1/2 yrs old at the time) and Lori holding Matt.

  5. going over to wish her a happy birthday!!!

    Steph, you look so different with your hair like that!!!

  6. Ya'll are so cute. And I agree with FF, you look SO different with your hair like that. Isn't it amazing what hair does to someone?

    I think it is so cool that ya'll are real friends.

  7. How great that you guys have each other!!!

  8. Don't know Lori, but I'm wishing her a happy birthday nonetheless.



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