February 2, 2007

Put Your Little Hatchlings In A Good Nest

I am so very proud to announce the launch of my best friend Ashlee's newest endeavor, bringing style and comfort to your everyday babywearing...

I officially recommend that you check her out.

**If you'd like to feature a nest button on your side bar, email me and I'll send you the html... jsprecourt@yahoo.com .


  1. Very Cool!! And she has the perfect best friend to try them out for her I bet! Hee Hee. Those are beautiful!

  2. I definately would try her out, if I had a baby to sling! ha! I don't think my 6 & 3 year old would appreciate that much..and neither would my back! I hope her new venture brings MUCH success!!

  3. Oooh, those are pretty, I especially like the Mekko fabric! Even though I don't like actually wearing RS, I always drool at them because they look so stylish and there's so many fabulous looking fabrics out there. :o)

    And yes, I think we do have the same camera... DSC-S50? It was $500 back when we bought it and now you can get a camera better than that for less than $100. Gotta love technology! LOL

  4. Cool! I am always on the lookout for more baby carriers. :-)

    *I just added you to my blog roll. Let me know if that is OK, if not I will take you back off.

  5. I am with Anna....that would be great to own but I swore off babies after my third! Hehehe. Not really but my 13, 8 and 7 year old fill up my life nicely!

    I am here from Nicole's blog. Have a great weekend and I hope that your friend does well in her business. It is great that you are getting the word out for her!

  6. WOW, that was a fast comment from you! I use a NIKON D50 SLR...and I absolutely LOVE it. I am glad that you liked my pics! Come back for a visit soon.

  7. waaaaaaahhhhh!!! Can you hear my bawling over here??? Recently Sophia told me she was too much a big girl to be in a sling anymore. She'll be three next week. wahahahahahahaha!!!!
    But YES, they are unbelievably GORGEOUS! IF I get to have another babe, I'm so ordering one of each!

  8. Fantastic. I really hope it all goes well for her.

  9. Oh! Can I steal that pic to put on my sidebar for her??

    Love her site! She's so cool and classy!

  10. Great thing to do, promoting your friend. They're really nice, too.


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