February 22, 2007

Let's Play 'What's On My Sock Today?' !

A Valentine sticker, crunched cheerio remnants, & a piece of Scotch tape.

Not sure if this counts, but I stepped on a raisin earlier and had to pull that off, too.


  1. Nothing! It's a red letter day I tell ya.

    Yesterday I stepped on what may have been the remains of part of a grape Skittle, but I'm not sure. Which is scary because I'd just vacuumed and all. ;)

  2. A sticker, raisin.....

    .....wait.....I thought the game was called "What's on my CROC today???" :)

  3. Ha! Sounds like my house... all this on your sock by 9 am? Sounds like you have the makings for an interesting day!

  4. A piece of tape with pine needles attached to it, of course!

  5. Bits of a crunched Valentine lollipop, Saltine crumbs, a little bit of apple juice (that's actually on the top - spilled from the 2yo unawares) and plenty o' evidence that the Swiffer doesn't do deep cleaning, for sure.

    Very funny! The story our socks could tell....

  6. sounds like you've been walking around on my carpet!! LOL

  7. This is too funny! Well, I've taken my socks off for the day, but earlier I had some mud on one (gotten by chasing a first grader around the school b/c he bolted from my classroom- long story)and also something that kept sticking my foot all day. Beats me what that was!


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