February 23, 2007

I Never Took A Typing Class

So I guess all my emailing and blogging is great practice. See how fast you can type
here. Thanks, Rachel, for getting me hooked on this!!

I range from 89-101 wpm (words per minute) depending on how many kids are talking to me at the same time. ; )

And guess who I get to lunch with today? Some pretty incredible Mommy blogger friends like Jaymi- who I can't believe we've never met in real life before because she's like a sister to me now! And also some of my very favorite people, my Mommy gal pals Ashlee, Sheryl, & Robin!


  1. 60 WPM for me :( Although I think that's pretty good for having to paste (Ctrl+V) in all the spaces!

  2. That was fun! Looking forward to lunch today!

  3. I'm not even going to put how many words a minute I type. It is SO embarrassing. Let's just say that I am NOT fast.

    I cannot believe that you are getting to meet Jaymi!! What a blast. I hope you are going to post pictures!!

  4. 86 words a minute while the baby whacked me with her teddy bear!
    have fun at lunch today!

  5. Cool typing test! I got 98 wpm the first time, and 96 the second! Not bad!

    I am jealous that you get to have lunch w/ so many blogging friends! Take LOTS of pictures! Can't wait to hear about it. =)

  6. That was WAY fun! Wish we blogging moms could all take a vacation to the Bahamas or something sometime, that would be fun! :)

  7. Lunch out with the girls is always fun!

    That typing thing sure is addicting! Mine is around 115. Wow, flaming fingers!

  8. Last time I took a typing test was years ago when I was trying to get a job through a temp agency. I tested 110 at the time, and I thought surely I had gotten rusty. Apparently not because I tested at 135! Wow! Thanks for the fun link! -Tiffany

    (By the way - your mom is adorable!! I didn't get to participate in the "Mom of the mommy blogger" photo because at the time I was taking a well needed computer break - but I had fun looking at other's!)


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